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    Friend hit head on by drunk driver

    :please: for your friend and his family ........
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    Had a little crash yesterday

    I wouldn't trust it. I still think you should get looked at. Back in the 80's I had a buddy by the name of Kelly Williams (yes a guy), had a dirtbike accident, went down pretty hard, full gear. Had headaches speradically for awhile, then seemed to go away. Never thought anything of it...
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    Very SPECIAL YOSH Exhaust!!!

    Ahhhh, the good things in life
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    Had a little crash yesterday

    Glad your ok and walked away with minor injuries. Don't take lightly to the headache with the little BUMP. Go get your head MRI'd and EEG B4 it's too late. Better to be safe than sorry. Glad to see the ride made it with only minor damage. BUT PLEASE, GO GET YOURSELF LOOKED AT...
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    Couple killed on brand new Can am

    R.I.P. to riders..... Condolences to familY..... DAMN IT PEOPLE. WEAR YOUR GEAR. IT IS SOLD FOR A REASON. I hate seeing these idiots wearing a tank-top, shorts, and sandles. OMG. R u Frickin kidding me? Everyone has there own CHOICE to make and it is everyones perrogative, but...
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    Not for the faint of heart

    Thanks for the support. What I also failed to mention is that after this heals, I have to go back in for a scope on the same knee to repair a torn Menial Miniscus
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    Advice for new busa much power, any tips?

    Sounds like yo got your head on right as far as taking advanced courses. Could never hurt. Like the other guys said, get on 'er and feel 'er out. You'll learn what she's capable of without much coaxing. Just be easy and always stay is ALWAYS 1st
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    Not for the faint of heart

    Lot's of lessons learned from crash ------ Most recent one is don't trust your Doctor when he sends you home with a syringe to scrape your own road rash. GO TO THE DANG HOSPITAL AND HAVE IT PROFESSIONALLY SCRUBBED. Cuz I didn't do it right, i'm now laid up for 2 more months, in addition...
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    They say

    Guess it can't hurt to make some calls, but I don't have ANY benefits with my job; which is very disappointing. Probably time to find something that offers there employees protection!!
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    They say

    what do you mean from the state? like social security??
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    Describe your last bowel movement using a movie title.

    +1 The Neverending Story
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    Is it rude to pass gas in a public restroom? (serious question)

    IMO, gas goes when it goes. I know if I try to hold it to b "politically correct", it does my stomach hurt at times. I'm not saying, jock the leg, give it shove and giggle about it, but when it goes it goes. Obviously the appropriate place to let it go and feel the relief would be the...
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    They say

    Thanks bro, I know it coulda been worse, b ut like I said, I'm in a pickle now....
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    I hate insurance!!

    Sorry about your troubles bro, but book is book and thats what they go by. Wierd tho, cuz mine was just totalled and State Farm wrote me a check for $8200 on my '06. I had Allstate for years and they always treated me right, I only changed cuz of premium difference after I mover to Illinois
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    fleabay strikes again

    It's such a shame that idiots take a positive selling force like eBay and jack it all around making things almost impossible, leaving a bad taste in ones mouth