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    Issue with transmission rebuild

    Where are you located? If you installed a new output shaft there is ZERO reason to have to bleed lines and stuff etc. The best possible solution would be to take it to someone like myself who can just evaluate the bike and it's issues in person and see what is causing the problem. The drag you...
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    How to make a gen 2 the best bike you ever owned

    I say 560 HP on race fuel w that turbo ..... Imagine riding that kind oh HP at true 60 inches.......Wonder how that power can be harnessed. Frank good thread and look forward to the final result.
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    2003 Busa wiring

    I have a harness for 45$ tyd
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    Looking for ecu/used

    $150 tyd
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    Full System Aftermarket Exhaust

    :please: what do i know---besides making your bike fast!--my number 1 quote is " pipes are like girls there is a different one for each others taste.../wether you like white short fat girls w a fat ass or a thin girl like a super may prefer a chinese girl or a pretty black...
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    Stripped her down today...

    Good to see things are progressing!! glad to be of some assitance to you and your project!!:laugh:
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    Another Clutch Thread

    Need more feedback on this stuff for teh members here who dont know much or have much track fat guy (260+) is loosing sevvere MPH at 1.976height stack let me know what you guys are working with...,thats on a stock motor.
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    Don't know about you but.....I'd take her hunting.......

    Thats nature at work there...until you see a close up of a guy doing his turkey call!!!!!:laugh:
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    DME Racing SwingARM Anyone?

    Why wouldnt you use the slot on the arm and use the stock brakes and hanger?
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    Dennis--dont let the peanut gallery let you miss out on a opportunity. My life doesnt revolve around this internet thing, and of course i respect and have consideration for fellow busa members...this is why i do my best to help people when i can no questions asked. you will be happy w your arm...
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    Best Sounding Pipes For Hayabusa

    r22 is the optimal choice for those 2 pipes. used all the Yosh products their mufflers sound husky on Busa's for sure.
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    wanted >>> oem plastics for an 07 gix 600

    i have an awesome set of sliders for you so that doesnt happen pm me your email and i will send a pic of them or your cell
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    woke up to this

    also i will say the bolts may not of been really tight on those allowing it to work its way back and forth and break the swiss chesse holes!!
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    stiff clutch lever

    check they may of swapped a set of HD springs in there which will kill your hand. if so let me know i have a set of stock springs you can me