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    It has been forever, but you are still on my mind

    I am not. Now my obsession has switched to ocean fishing. I bought a boat in 2015 and just love it. I am still in Alberta, this is my fishin hole, Pacific Ocean Prince Rupert BC. 23 hour drive 1 way lol. the locals supper
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    It has been forever, but you are still on my mind

    I do not know if any of the old boys are still around, but I was reminded today of what a great group this is. Many years ago I was fixing a crashed Busa and I bought a couple grand worth of take-off parts from a guy on this site. When they got here, they were trashed. Junk, worthless. I put...
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    Before loaning your bike... read this..

    Charged is not convicted.
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    What's the funniest thing you've ever witnessed?

    Years ago 4 of us were at a lake north of home, staying in a hotel and spending the say at the lake. Being all guys, doors were never locked. I walked into the bathroom one time when Mike was showering, and saw through the curtain he was lying on his back with the shower running, and 'winding...
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    worlds tallest building

    Windows are unbreakable?
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    Only 3 words

    with the herpes
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    Orange 08 Busa owners what do you think of this shirt

    I would wear one in 4xl for sure, it could replace the one I never got
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    Gotta throw in the towel boys....

    Thanks guys. I think I may have sold it locally, dont bother with the move. Just fyi, I ainèt going anywhere, you are going to have to put up with a big mofo lurker for a while yet. Besides, when the rocket sells, I am going to have a bunch of cool stuff to donate on here for some needy...
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    The Watchmen

    I thought seriously that it was made by the makers of Sin City, or was Canadian made. Not real impressed.
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    Gotta throw in the towel boys....

    2 months ago I was called in and released from my sales job with Enerflex, 'due to economic conditions'. There is still SFA happening here, and although I am getting a little income with my Collection Agency, things are crawling to a stop. I had decided that if I did not get some serious...
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    IN LOVING MEMORY OF JORGE MONSALVE, Updated with comments from his mother

    I am very sorry for your losses. To lose your Husband is horrible, then your Son is heartbreaking. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Welders? Anybody make their living burning metal? I've got some questions.

    I bought a mig, tig, plasma, lathe, turret punch, 10' 125 ton break and a cnc mill, built a 40 x 50 ' shop and opened a fabricating business. Just get someone to show you how, or take the courses, and take the plunge. You wont regret it (depending on your location, of course)
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    N. Korea threatens US; world anticipates missile

    Know the scariest part? EVERY time there has been a recession, there has been a WAR. Not a threat of war, a f'king WAR! This is how Bam Bam is going to save his newly dressed country.
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    Say something about the person above you!

    rhymes with Gilmore
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    Tail of Helmet vanity gone wrong. Now with pretty girls...

    More women pics less clothes please.