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    Zrp/zrt master chain link

    You are a star!!! Thank you!!
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    Zrp/zrt master chain link

    Hi all. Quick question... The little metal clip style things that came with the master link, are these for holding the chain in place while fitting the link? Can't see what else they're for! Thanks
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    Gen 2 RCC stage 1 install step by step

    This is brilliant....
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    I'd ride this little CBR250RR

    My first road bike. Was epic, thrashed it absolutely everywhere while folded up behind it. I bought it about a hour away, had my friend drop me to the guys house to pick it up. Riding it hone on a road I didn't know I started getting pressured by a car to race, immature enough to get involved I...
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    St. Patricks Day!

    Jeasus that kinda sums up where it ended....
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    St. Patricks Day!

    Already starting to get dialed in over here... It'll be a dark day tomorrow....
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    I really hate asking this

    Wow guys. Fair play to all of ye on here. Amazing place..
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    Balancing throttle bodies.

    Posh set there... Haha. And to make do with my dials....
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    Balancing throttle bodies.

    Just a short one. Balanced my throttle bodies today, and the bike is much much smoother. And the clutch rattle has disappeared too! Bit of a result. Always worth doing.
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    Hello from Ireland

    Ah the Tt... Have a offer of a weeks ticket sailing from Dublin, with bike.... Just trying to sort cover staff. Fingers crossed
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    Post Up Your Pup

    My 3 boys just after coming out the lake!
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    Happy New year to everyone! Stay safe and stay fast!!!
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    What did you do to get your Hayabusa ?

    Was haunting the local ads site, there was one a couple of hours away that read terribly, poor pics etc. Made a very rude bid, that he accepted at 3am. Went up the next day, lad was moving back to Eastern Europe, and was a gent. As well as the bike gave me a load of spares, accessories and even...
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    Perhaps We Need To Start A Gen 3 Thread *

    Looks good... Suppose better clear the credit to be ready....!
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    Chasing speed on sand....

    Thanks for all the replies guys. Will have a chat with a local tuner about some headwork. Lots to think about and a few directions to go in.