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    St. Patricks Day!

    Jeasus that kinda sums up where it ended....
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    St. Patricks Day!

    Already starting to get dialed in over here... It'll be a dark day tomorrow....
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    I really hate asking this

    Wow guys. Fair play to all of ye on here. Amazing place..
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    Balancing throttle bodies.

    Posh set there... Haha. And to make do with my dials....
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    Balancing throttle bodies.

    Just a short one. Balanced my throttle bodies today, and the bike is much much smoother. And the clutch rattle has disappeared too! Bit of a result. Always worth doing.
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    Hello from Ireland

    Ah the Tt... Have a offer of a weeks ticket sailing from Dublin, with bike.... Just trying to sort cover staff. Fingers crossed
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    Post Up Your Pup

    My 3 boys just after coming out the lake!
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    Happy New year to everyone! Stay safe and stay fast!!!
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    What did you do to get your Hayabusa ?

    Was haunting the local ads site, there was one a couple of hours away that read terribly, poor pics etc. Made a very rude bid, that he accepted at 3am. Went up the next day, lad was moving back to Eastern Europe, and was a gent. As well as the bike gave me a load of spares, accessories and even...
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    Perhaps We Need To Start A Gen 3 Thread *

    Looks good... Suppose better clear the credit to be ready....!
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    Chasing speed on sand....

    Thanks for all the replies guys. Will have a chat with a local tuner about some headwork. Lots to think about and a few directions to go in.
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    Chasing speed on sand....

    Thanks for all the replies! Yes the bike is still a street bike and I often commute on it so right now, a stretch and sidewinder wouldn't really suit as our roads are very twisty! The bike is registered as a 2002 but it was sitting in the dealers for a long time, and I'm have sent the ecu to...
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    Chasing speed on sand....

    Oh yes lowering. Forgot that! Thank you. Have the double bubble, maybe rearsets?
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    Chasing speed on sand....

    Thanks for the quick reply.. A sidewinder?
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    Chasing speed on sand....

    Hi all. I'm looking for a bit of advice for next year's attempt to extend my record at Pendine. My bike has a yoshi system, power commander 3, and is the first gen1 so no top speed restrictions. I hit 169mph on the sand, at the mile, and know there's more there. Biggest issue is wheelspin...