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    How do I get tripped screw out of bar end????

    Just a thought. Are these screw reverse threads by chance? Troy
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    No engine turnover when starting

    I also think its a simple fix, ie the kill switch! good luck. Troy
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    Wanna go NASCAR racing?

    Yea, yesterday was a chit show. I was there early, couldnt get to my parking lot. After 2 hours I parked my car. Stood in line to enter the speedway for an hour. Then found out by the info desk rep that I was in the wrong line. Moved to “correct” line and after another hour a rep walked by and...
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    Do you wax your visor?

    ur thinkin of slick Willie.... and not the local one! Troy
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    Do you wax your visor?

    I love rain x, but only in certain climates. Works great in heavy rain. But, in a mist, it actually makes the view worse...instead of a light mist, it makes many droplets that move around and distract. I hated it in Oregon, but with the torrential Florida downpours it is awesome! Since I very...
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    New man cave/garage FIN!

    Hows this comin Arch? Cant wait to get this on my wall. Troy
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    Shop pics! Give me ideas.....

    As u know I did just this last year. Suggest hunting that thread to see specifics. I wouldnt change much at all, as I also did extensive research beforehand. The 2 things that stand out however are def have garage doors added after finishing. I was going to do it in stages, but changed my mind...
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    Bought another Harley

    Very nice. Love my ’19 Ultra Limited. Now ya need a Corbin Fire and Ice! Troy
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    Rolex 24 Daytona

    No, not the watch! Anyone going to the Rolex 24 this week/weekend? I will be there sat and sun most all day. First beer is on me if ya find me! I will be tooling around the pits and infield. Troy
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    Toaster v2.0

    ud be amazed what TSA allows and doesn't. I can take lead pipes, pipe wrenches, 2 foot sections of rubber hose, but not nail files! I have had them tell me I (as pilot) cannot take my Cross pen through. Told them they better call my chief pilot and explain why his airplane aint leavin today. No...
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    Toaster v2.0

    Great Idea Bryan! Love the keychain too. However, may I suggest a bit softer angles at the wings? Might not pass TSA if certain individuals might carry it with them abroad, or delivering. Troy
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    Toaster v2.0

    I like the chain also. Maybe have Bryan (am I spelling that right?!) make one and use that as the starting ring. Everyone else just adds to it. Maybe a scroll inside an aluminum batton? Troy
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    Toaster v2.0

    Funny. That is actually the key ring I use for my Busa. Troy
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    Toaster v2.0

    I like the idea of a keychain. What about the rule that once u receive the “award” u must add a new key ring to the existing lot from a new location. And if ur location is already used, u must travel somewhere to obtain another...not ebay! Names. How about include a small blank scroll that we...