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    busa graduation

    92 Yamaha Vmax... tried to bond it at the molecular level with a broken down Chrysler 99 TL1000S 81 GS 1100 74 BMW 750
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    That island is almost too small for a Busa!!!! That 90km speed limit on the ol' superhighways will be rough on you too! I just spent 4 months over thee this year and I am heading back in 2 weeks for some non-work related fun! I'll be in TaiChung. I though I saw a Busa in the dealer in...
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    Need some brother and sister power

    She was in third at 21%... I pressed the VOTE button REALLY hard... maybe that helped...
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    Dragon's Tail

    I can tell you that the tales of enforcement are a little exagerrated.... Just be smart around the lake before you get to the gap. The same goes for the Skyway. Just use your head. If you make a trip of it, I can highly recommend hitting it during the week. The weekends offer mixed ride results...
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    This is killing me.....

    So here I sit in a hotel in Taichung, Taiwan for another month.  The weather here has been in the 60's (last month) and is now up to the low 80's every day.... and sunny.  It has only rained once, and I was in Hong Kong to take a break and satisfy the visa requirements of Taiwan (and missed the...
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    What octane?

    Just to complicate things a little... you can have detonation and not necessarily hear it. We used to test to see what octane could be run by decreasing the octane in the gas fed to an engine on a dyno. Then the dyno would load the engine and we would monitor the ignition timing. Once detonation...
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    What city are you Representn ?

    Knoxville, TN (Actually Kingston.... but more people know where KnoxVegas is....)
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    Check this out!

    there could be more than one person here, but I think I saw this guy race at Road Atlanta on a 250 2-stroke. They had to hold the bike up at the start for him, but after that it was all him. I just hope that I have that kind of attitude should anything like that ever happen to me. You have to...
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    Chrome Busa

    Those stock turn signals have got to go..... Maybe a black frame to break things up a bit?
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    belt drive

    Considering the fact that a 101hp Buell has problems shredding belts (I am not sure of the torque they produce), but I would assume that even a stock 'Busa would kill belts regularly. Besides being quieter than a chain, what would be the advantages? I would think that going to a smaller chain...
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    Members Online

    I agree with Gar..... Much better quality here. Every other post isn't "Ping so-and-so" or doesn't degrade into crap conversations about tangents of the original post. Much more reader friendly. Plus I can only check the board a couple times per day... it's rare that I can hang out.....If I...
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    Trent Lott...

    Well the mainstream media is simply an extension of the Democratic party. They offer no criticism of the Democrats that are negative...ever....unless they have to because they are backed into a corner. They have found this (made up IMHO) reason to bash on the GOP (due to the recent ass-kicking...
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    I have to admit I am guilty of judging the chicken strips (aka p*$$y shine). I usually reserve the judgement for SQUIDS who come up to the mountains and talk "the talk". It's surprising how many people are "backin' it in" to corners and regularly recover a sliding front end.... yet can maintain...
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    forkin stupid qn.......

    I can't ever say it without intentionally sounding like an angry Japanese guy....... short, choppy, and loud! I also tell my Kwak and Yam riding buddies that it means "Faster than you"
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    State law

    I agree with letting each rider pick and choose their own safety equipment/free country/personal choice thing. However, I don't think that it's fair to me to a) have to pay higher insurance rates because someone exercising their right to be stupid sprayed 1/2 their head all over the road but...