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    Two Bashes

    How about I choose more than one.... even though I can't make it to either. I don't like that it is separating the groups and I wouldn't be able to see everyone I wanted to see. I really enjoyed having the large groups of people around the fire pit. I have never been to a fall bash because I...
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    Bash attendance list

    I think it was, its been a few years! HAHAHA
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    Bash attendance list

    I know everyone will miss me but this is the first spring bash that I will not be at since 2005. :angry:
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    Hayabusa trike

    You guys seen this one? Not the standard trike you are thinking..... a reverse one! Not my style but a unique build. Weekend Edition – A Hayabusa Reverse Trike | Hooniverse
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    Devils Triangle

    For those that haven't seen what the devils triangle looks like.....
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    Last min lookin for place to stay

    Don't know what you all are taking about but the bash has been going on for 3 days! Been a hellva party!!
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    Early attendees

    hooken and I will be there late saturday. We will be ready to ride sunday!!!
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    What Is It With the Weather

    My brother in law has a couple kayaks I could bring along!!
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    What Is It With the Weather

    Glad we're getting there early... Sunday thru Wednesday looks like good riding weather!!!!
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    Group Rides

    now that I think of it, I think there was a bunch of those critters around that area.
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    Group Rides

    The guardrails on the other hand....... :Oo:
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    Emergency Contact numbers at the Bash.

    we probably could have laid you down in the back but then I couldn't hear your groans when I was taking the corners to fast or hitting too many bumps! :whistle:
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    Group Rides

    Since you're somewhat local, how about you confirm/disprove that rumor.:please:
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    Spring 2013 Bash Room List

    The 18th is going to feel like a dream for me. Last day at my current job and then I get to go on an 8 day motorcycle and drinking binge! :)
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    Emergency Contact numbers at the Bash.

    Some people prefer a trip to the hospital in a Toyota tundra! :)