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    Pacific Northwest

    got the bike starting again and my new Scala installed :)
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    Pacific Northwest

    Just ordered a Scala Packtalk from Big E to go on my new lid
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    Pacific Northwest

    Well I thought the starter went out on my bike and Goldenchild sent me a new one right away!! Got it in and the relay is bad so he sending one of those to me !!! Sure glad I have someone that is awesome at having what I need and sending it so fast!!
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    Williford Goes 224 Mph In Pro Street

    Friggin awesome
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    No Way That Thing Is Stopping In Time.....

    Now that is some stopping power
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    An Impromptu Poll

    Solid color I think the all black is the best even though red is faster
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    Lsr Busa Build

    38 tooth sprokets
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    31,000 miles

    No I got hit in 2004 on my silver 02, this is my red 04 that I got after the accident and what it looked like after a few mods, then and now with 60,000 miles+ on it
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    31,000 miles

    wow what an old thread, here's updated pics with 60,000 miles now
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    Stay Out Late & Get Hammered ~ Have Your Bike Follow You Home . . .

    Pretty damn cool!! wonder what it does when you lean into a corner
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    Lsr Busa Build

    Tire brand and type is usually up to the track , as for size 180/55 (lighter and taller) sprocket 18/39-38 . to get 200 in the mile you better tuck good and hope the weather is on your side. A small shot of NOS is always a plus.
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    Info Needed,, Cloud Storage??

    I only back up photos and I do it on my computer, my phone, flash drive, Amazon prime, and Costco
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    I made a custom fairing design... let me know what you think.

    Looks like it fit really well !!!!
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    Smart Watch

    I just use my phone on a RAM mount. I would think that a watch would be covered by jacket and gloves.