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    Who thinks COVID 19 is a hoax?

    It's not a hoax. I know a local guy who doesn't ever miss a day of work for the flu. Chinese19 has him so messed up that he can barely breath, he has been this way for over 3 weeks.
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    Torque Wrench?

    My Snap On 3/8" torque wrench has a range of 20-100ft/lb. Other brands have similar ranges
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    New to Me 2005 Hayabusa

    Properly done plasti dip looks very good. If you are seeing imperfections it is because it wasn't applied properly, The wheels I did with a base coat and a glossifier, on my wife's car were indistinguishable from painted wheels until you touched them and realised they felt rubbery.
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    New to Me 2005 Hayabusa

    I lurk more than I post any more. What color are you going with?
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    New to Me 2005 Hayabusa

    Good to see you have a Busa again! Have you thought about plasti dipping it? Plasti dip looks better than a wrap and can be peeled off like one when you want to change the color again.
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    Question about chain adjusters.. What's your thoughts or ideas?

    A stock Busa has adjusting screws that push the adjuster blocks back to tension the chain. It looks like the aftermarket arm on your bike has pull adjusters like some dirt bikes have. The blocks you bought are not compatible with the swingarm you have from what I see in the pictures.
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    GUN CONTROL........ hahaha

    Well said. Firearms have never been the problem. Evil people will always find a way to harm others no matter what laws are on the books.
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    Any one else into Amateur Radio?

    Hey how's it going? I still check in here frequently, I just don't post much anymore. I should probably find time and change that.
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    Did you Know Your Gopro Could Do this?

    That almost makes me want to get one,, but then there would be evidence.
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    Any one else into Amateur Radio?

    Are there any other Busa pilots who have their license? I just received my license in December after passing the technician and general exams in one sitting.
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    Site performance Improvements

    I have noticed that it loads faster on my phone. I have not tried it on a conventional computer yet. Edit: replies load way faster
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
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    Weather Where You Are?

    It got down to 8° last night and we got an inch of snow, so the bikes are parked for awhile.
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    Your dream bike/car...

    If I could own one collector vehicle it would be a '70 Boss 302. Ya, I know there are much better driving cars with better brakes, that accelerate faster, however I have wanted one of these cars for 25+ years.
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    Black Rifle Coffee Company

    Some of this coffee showed up courtesy of my wife for my birthday awhile back. It tastes great and I'll have to get more when I'm low on the supply I have.