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    Question on bike price

    Will take new photos tonight and post. But Thanks for all the help. I am just trying to get an Idea of a fair price, I don't want to get rich but I don't want to give it away either.
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    Question on bike price

    More photo's to follow tonight.
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    Question on bike price

    I have a 2004 LE that was wreked a few Yeats back. The front of the bike was destroyed, from the motor back it looks good, by no promises. Any way a friend of a friend wants to buy it. What would be a fair asking price? The bike had less than 11,000 miles on it at the time of the accident...
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    CA Open Carry going away......

    That's a surprise! I didn't think you could even own a gun in California any more! Sorry just a Texas joke.
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    Ground Zero!!!

    no, no, no.........
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    Only 3 words

    down the street
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    Only 3 words

    south of Chicago
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    Texas joke

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    Congressman Bob Etheridge assaults college student!

    Easy answer the question, " I am a voter thats going to vote your *%%$$# out of office! See how bad things have gotten out of proportion! He should have been kissing the kids butt not grabing his arm.
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    Pit left Texas now in Oklahoma soon AR

    THAT is some pit!
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    Throttle lock, anybody use it?

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    They must have taken off their aluminum foil hats for the video! :poke:
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    Couple of Car pics .... Customs

    Now I can see why you moved from Buna to California.
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    Avatar Vs Star Trek

    I've been a Trekie since 1967, I love sicence fiction. Both movies were very good, but in different ways. I have seen almost all the si-fi done both good and bad, (mostly bad). So today when they are making movies like this I am in heaven. One other thing I work for one of the EVIL...
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    Lance Armstrong is still my Hero

    He is the Man!