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    Key/Lock issue

    busaboyn2o, i did cut the the copy to a blank key, not solved the problem tho ( Will try once more in other key shop. icemansid, i'm not worried about stealing the bike, just want to make it running :) Lost secondary key, and main is bent, that's the issue
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    Key/Lock issue

    Hi .org, i've got a weird problem with the keys at L3. The problem is that original key doesn't work, it doesn't rotate in the lock. Before winter secondary key worked, but guys from the garage lost it :S I try gas tank - opens Passenger seat/cover - no Ignition - no Bike was crashed...
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    Custom performance Hayabusa

    Hi, guys! Can you give me some information about US custom shops? The thing is that i'm looking for a company which can build something like "Hayabusa x1". What exactly i'm looking for - it's Power! Not the funny fairings, paint work, mass chrome or cheap nitrous tuning. I need a good, well...
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    Heavy Duty Clutch plates for Super Charged Busa 08+

    Thanks, guys! Thought so as u said. Will grab stock plates with lock-up clutch kit
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    Heavy Duty Clutch plates for Super Charged Busa 08+

    Hi everyone! Can someone advice really heavy duty clutch plates? We've got 1 kit already burnt out, and i see atm variety of "high performance" kits, but i don't want to buy just a replacement for stock ones. Thanks in advance.
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    Yoshimura Hayabusa Gen2 Project

    I've contacted yoshimura USA, they had no clue, told me that if there's any projects goin on, they will tell me. Also emailed Jap's, hope they will say smth.
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    Yoshimura Hayabusa Gen2 Project

    Hi guys, i've heard rumors that Yoshimura is going to build a Gen2 Hayabusa in Yoshimura style, like Hayabusa X-11. Anyone got any info about it?
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    more than 1,000 motorcycle crashes in one video

    Absolutely right. Besides, pedestrians and other drivers can cause road accident and make you guilty. For example driver overruns you and hit brakes, you crash into him from back, you're guilty, he blackmails you for cash and etc.
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    Almost got my bike stolen today.

    Here's a nice stuff, but discontinued already (( Lock promo video part I - YouTube[/url]
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    Damper of 99-07 and 08 are the same?

    Subj is the question. Part number seems to be different, but does they match?
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    Where can i get these oem graphics ??

    Guys, that's ordinary european colors :)
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    Christmas gift from my wife

    OH MY GOD! Watching those pics when -20C outside, that's tough... Any work in Florida? Must.... move... there... :laugh: Btw, once i heard a phrase "New bike is like a new girl", so your wife is twice best )) Hm, such a nice relationship makes me think that world won't end so fast as...
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    Christmas gift from my wife

    Awesome present! Really happy for you two :)
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    Anyone here using wind power at home?

    I was thinking about it one time, but it doesn't worth it for our country. Check this one: vertical axis wind turbines | small wind turbines | wind turbine manufacturer | quietrevolution