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    Anyone Have An Airbag Vest?

    Allthough I have not tested them , but they will stop you from breaking your collarbone . Seen a few of them deploy at the track , People swear by them
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    This will make you feel even older

    Holy **** I got them all. Thanks.
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    New chain loose already!!!! HELP!

    Make sure when you tightened the axle that you pulled the slack of the chain so the tire slid all the way up on the adjusters.sometimes tire is not all the way against the tensioners.
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    What year Hayabusa do you own?

    2011 with 19000 miles
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    BMW Stop Ride

    Loaner bike s1000rr HP4 . Only fair
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    Brake lathe?

    You want to get them Blanchard ground. Unlike a car I believe they are flat . The Blanchard grind will be able to grind hatch marks and remove the heat spots which are sometimes trouble with turning on a lathe. Not to mention grinding remove less material at a time .
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    Killboy shots are up!

    Great pictures . Thanks for sharing
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    Full page Pashnit ad in Cycle World Mag

    Tim , I saw the magazine picture and thought it was you . You have a very specific riding style. Congrats
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    Seat preference

    Thats the problem , everyone has a different liking. I have had my eye on the saddleman and the zero gravity. Just need to make sure they dont sit me higher on the bike . Its not a too short issue , I want to be farther in the bike instead of the feeling of being atop the bike.
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    Seat preference

    Any opinions on a better seat for aggressive ride style , still need to be able to do 400 mile days. Most seats I've looked at appear to be alittle taller than the stock. I'm actually looking to reduce height of rider to feel more into the bike rather than on top. .?
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    Wanted to thank Bianca busa less for for providing a great how to video on removal of fairings . Without this video would have been very frustrating, Thank You:bowdown:
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    OEM Parts Orders....Just FYI

    Looking for a price on the right side fairings for a 2011 black with the graphics.The noise piece is scratched but I may be able to repaint.thanks
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    NHMS track clip (song has explicit language)

    Nice Video. Definately want to do a track day with the busa this year. Been on the track with the s1000rr just not the busa yet.
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    My first ever ambulance ride.

    Just got over a back injury due to weight lifting. Sacrum stuck in position , pinched a nerve at L5 and hips are out of align. I've been looking into inversion tables , apparently they help from recurring problems by decompressing the spinal cord and allowing vertebrae to open .
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    Advice to stop the shoulder ache

    It's kind of funny ,no pain anywhere.Just shoulder ache. Backs great ,legs great. This cycle of lifting is all heavy weights,next cycle will be more reps ,less weight. I'm starting to think I may have been dehydrated also. Thanks for all the input. :thumbsup: