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    Physician Assisted Suicide

    I don't disagree and it is a very subjective subject to say the least, so how much effort to get better is enough? When someone is really down and sick they may not be thinking clearly. It's just a place I think we need to go to with eyes wide open and very carefully.
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    Physician Assisted Suicide

    Some folks go through periods of mental illness or anguish, after some time and help they get better and go on to live a full and happy life. If they end it all they never get to the full and happy part. That's a very different story than stage 4 cancer with weeks to months to live.
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    Physician Assisted Suicide

    It's not. The only issue I have with assisted suicide is the fact that some people that can live long and productive lives will opt for the end it all route if it is available. Other than that I have no problem with it. I sure don't want to end life in a bed with no mental/physical capacity...
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    Pro-life or Pro-Death

    Some people say that as I man I shouldn't get a say in the abortion discussion. Fair enough except for one thing, tax dollars. I am a tax payer and many abortions are funded by tax dollars so I do get a say. Stop the tax payer funding and i'll step away from the discussion. It's a sad thing...
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    Looking to buy a gen 2

    2003 full coverage 198 a year 500 dollar deductible. 49 with no tickets or claims Iowa Drops to 150 if I switch to liability only.
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    Satellite Phone expert help

    Live streaming is a great thing but once you get out into the sticks it can get problematic. If there is cell signal (big if) it will be from only one tower and depending on usage, weather, and a ton of other factors the stream may not work well or at all. If it was me, I would try a live stream...
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    Ya'll did NOT tell me...

    Every time I see that first video it makes me feel more than a little inadequate.
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    Ozarks trip photos .

    The problem is that many dog owners haven't trained their dogs and have no control over them. I have been nipped twice in the last couple of years by dogs that were on a leash while being walked.
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    School shootings

    I have to disagree a little bit Yellow. One income can support a household but it has to be a little different than what we consider normal now. No cell phones or just phones not smart phones (couple hundred a month for a family plan). No cable TV (minimum of 100 a month usually closer to 200)...
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    Who Rode Today?

    Well in that case I hope you like it as much as I like mine:lol:
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    Who Rode Today?

    I have that same helmet. I hope she finds it as comfortable as I do. I got out for a short ride this weekend. Sunny, warm weather but it was windy with 25 mph gusts. Nothing like coming around a blind bend and catching a big gust that tries to push you into oncoming traffic.
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    Best Friend passed away

    Condolences ali. 47 is too young to go. Keep that stress under control gentleman. It will get you if you don't.
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    I'm sick and tired of watching the news

    Welcome to the new age. News (on the TV anyway) was considered a cost of doing business. At some point it became a profit stream, once that happened the over sensationalizing of stories started. It's always been political to a certain extent but I think it has gotten worse. I tend to get my news...
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    Possible new owner

    I picked up a 2003 with 30,000 miles on the clock and I would not consider that high mileage. The guy I bought it from picked it up used 1 year off the lot with about 1000 miles on the clock and used it as a touring bike. Best I can say is talk to the seller and get a feel for them and look the...