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    But in all fairness this is c10 :firing:,I seen what u did to the road 5 in the mountains... seriously tho how many miles are you getting from the road 5s cause I am about to put a set of q3+ on mine and while I know I ride nowhere near your level and I know they are gonna be short on life I...
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    Any nice used v&h or yoshimura slip ons out there?

    You have a link fir that???
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    Any nice used v&h or yoshimura slip ons out there?

    I've been seeing the cs ones all over Ebay but only the chrome ones but at a decent price I just never bothered to read the description if they were returns or not
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    What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

    That's something that I was always curious about, never seen any sport bikes in the pics or videos I've seen of sturgis and couldn't imagine that the wasn't some around.
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    My vacation

    How many days you staying there red??
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    200 hp not really that hard to do ;)

    So I definitely got a lot from that but the biggest was sounds like your changing your fairings again this time with cf to match that fender??? :poke: :lol:
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    Any nice used v&h or yoshimura slip ons out there?

    Most definitely let us know if and when you get that email. That's an awesome find and hope they actually have it.
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    200 hp not really that hard to do ;)

    When I seen the wheels and bearings brought up on the original post I did some googling of my own and actually found where someone had tested this theory, of course it was a car and not a bike but they showed a significant increase just by lightening the wheels. So now everyone like myself that...
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    Extended Shift Lever

    There was a bike posted for sale here that the owner was paralyzed from the waist down and built his bike so he could still ride it, I don't remember what shifter he used but it did work
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    2017 hard to start after being serviced

    As c10 said I'd be guessing at the battery, I noticed mine having to hit the start button a few times when my battery started getting old. Was even worse when I had the h.i.d headlights in it and was even ti the point that if I turned my led under lights on before hitting thr start button it'd...
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    First oil change on 2019 Hayabusa.

    As far as oil I listened to the dealer and waited a couple lil changes before I switched to synthetic, no real reason just figured if something needed to be warrantied they couldn't say nothing to me. Of course stock oil filter is the best but only thing I can tell u is don't use the nut on it...
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    No power Gen 2

    Run a jumper wire from your negative battery terminal to the engine block while the tank is up and if u get power back you'll know where to start looking
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    No power Gen 2

    I would check and make sure the ground hasn't been attached ti the tank cause it definitely sounds like it's making its ground connection thru your tank and not the ground wire to thre frame or block
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    Im by no means am expert and no almost nothing about dyno equipment and definitely not trying to fuel the fire but I was always told and read that a car dyno was no good for doing bikes. Feel free not ti reply or do so as a PM as I completely understand but this was just my understanding and was...
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    +1 on this... don't really want a single sided exhaust but trying to find a dual that might be in my price range ain't looking good and with numbers like that I could go for a brocks.