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    I think transmissions hate me.

    I have a tendency to hit the higher speeds about everyone im out, that being said it's rare for me to use 5th much less 6th unless I'm on a really long trip.
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    new "old" screwdriver from germany

    Looks to have sensors as well??
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    new "old" screwdriver from germany

    I feel your pain, actually had the shop plow truck plowing the lot when I was sitting in the car writing it :redface:
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    new "old" screwdriver from germany

    I have a second gen but mine only had one rad... :poke: ;)
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    Dropped my bike now won’t run

    I was thinking the same way until I read where the Chinese rectifier is fairly new which says he's had a charging issue somewhat recently. And by testing the stator it'll show if there's a bad connection right away.
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    Dropped my bike now won’t run

    Ive seen a couple bikes this year that thr owners replaced the rectifier on with Chinese and shortly after I was replacing the stator. As kiwi said make sure you have a good battery or jump pack hooked up and test the stator as im gonna say there's a good chance that's the issue.
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    Who Rode Today?

    Already got over an inch here and they've been salting so unless it warms up and we get some rain to wash the salt off the roads (which in Michigan is completely possible) mine is now parked and will be making her way onto the stands for awhile :(
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    Gen I bad gas mileage....

    Marble mod is blocking off the air line from the air box fir the pair valve with a marble. Stops some of ther popping on decel, did it to mine fir awhile but decided I liked the popping and took it back out. Kind of surprised you haven't seen this before wuzza.
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    Who Rode Today?

    Got a few miles in around the house today, only about 45 degrees so wasn't nothing special. They're calling for snow tonight so might be the last time im on the bike for awhile:( Also noticed the busa about the same size as the smart car I was parked next to :laugh: :laugh:
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    Ohlins shock fitment

    @fallenarch and a couple others around here have the ohlins forks, check out @fallenarch 10 year freshen up thread he's got ohlins all over. I will one day have them fitted to my busa but not anytime soon unfortunately.
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    Faded inner fairings? Check out this cheap fix.

    Looks good.... wouldn't need to now but ive had good look with "back to black" . Brought back some really dull pieces with it, one of the guys I ride with cleans his bike more then he rides it (annoys the hell out of me) but he uses it on his black frame and every piece of black plastic on his...
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    Anyone here had luck with battery tender lithium battery brand?

    Buddy of mine bought a quad last year and the battery kept dying on him even after I replaced it and checked all the charging system components and made sure there was no draws when it was off. After giving up and just keeping it on a tender he was outside one night and noticed a glow coming...
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    Contemplating Selling

    Ive actually sent some of my gear in a car while riding the bike to do some camping and such. Wife doesn't always appreciate it but doesn't mind too much as she knows the bike is my passion even if I'm not the most talented rider. And if it's friends im with they usually enjoy the show when I...
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    Contemplating Selling

    That's it...someone will be by shortly to take the 4 wheeled cage from you :poke: :lol:
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    What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

    Just cause it's driving me nuts that no one else has corrected you but it's a small "c" in @c10 . In regards to the rookie status your almost there, once you hit 500 messages you'll upgrade. I just hit thre 500 mark recently and feel my upgraded powers already :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: