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    Busa Smells And Noises

    Definitely not brake fluid or leaking forks, I just replaced all the Hydraulic lines (brake and clutch) no leaks also just had the fork seals redone last summer no leaks. Also the brakes feel good. I'm afraid I'm just going to have to tear in to it to find the problem. I was really hoping to...
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    Busa Smells And Noises

    I wondered if it could be something like the clutch bolts, but no it doesn't account for the smell. :/ I had it in for the ignition switch amd the voltage regulator, haven't heard of one for the clutch bolts, I'll have to look into it. The bike has 33000 miles so might be good to at least peak...
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    Busa Smells And Noises

    Maybe this should be in the engine section but..... My 08' started last year on longer trips I would occasionally smell clutch (brake?) It would only last a few seconds and if I would stop the smell would be gone. I thought it was another vehicle because how would you smell something on the bike...
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    Instrument panel went off while riding.

    I had this happen last year on my way to Sturgis. I disconnected the battery, kinda a hard reset no problem sence. Good luck
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    Pashnit - Read Por Favor

    A cheap trick for your phone charger, buy an inexpensive car charger cut the cable off at the charger. Open the charger up replace the tip with a wire and a fuse(12v +). Replace the side contacts with another wire (ground). Remove the wires you cut off and replace them with longer wires. You can...
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    Am i lucky or is the info i found wrong?

    Long story short I have an 08 with just under 16k miles. I rode to the dragon from Ohio a week back when I got there I found my chain stretched. The chain is still factory so I thought it odd that it would stretch with this many miles on it. I looked through post and found the limits of the...
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    Anyone heading down to Myrtle Beach Bike Week (Memorial Weekend)?

    I rode to Sturgis last year, not that I hate Harleys but I've had enough of them for a while, I'm just going to have to move my trip 2 weeks. Thanks for clarifying everything.
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    Anyone heading down to Myrtle Beach Bike Week (Memorial Weekend)?

    Ok, thanks. I would have never thought there were 2 weeks, guess I need to change my plans.
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    Anyone heading down to Myrtle Beach Bike Week (Memorial Weekend)?

    OK Dumb Question..... This is my first time heading to Myrtle Beach, is there really two weeks back to back one cruiser and one more sport bike ordinated?
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    It could happen...

    Nice!!! I like it.
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    Anybody wear boots from Bates?

    I Had a pair of Bate boots for a while now I love them but there not a riding boot. I got mine from the local army surplus store. I know a mail order company called "sprotsman Guide" have some Bates boots too. Good luck
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    I could use some help

    I'm heading out tomorrow to look at an 08 busa. It has 6100miles on it and a really good price. It's only 8300. At least from what I've found its a great price. I've talked to the guy he said he bought it at auction and does not know the original owner. It does have a good clear title. What else...
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    more leds?

    You can put a small strip of LEDs in the front fender it really makes the front rim stand out instead of being shadowed. but It looks great as is too!!!
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    $11,000 for one ride?

    $11000 is about average mine was $11779, price sucks but the service is great. I just wish I could remember any of it.
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    Whats wrong in these pictures?

    It looks like your right the master link is the wrong one. I would mic. (micrometer) and see how it compares to the links. good luck