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    CALLING THE DARK SIDE: Lets see all your Black GenII's!

    Available for your garage, see classifieds:)
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    So why have so many busas been dropped?

    Good news, mine hasn't been dropped and is available in the classified section!
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    Stock Tire Psi Opinions

    Looking not looming
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    Stock Tire Psi Opinions

    Not worried about wear as I am looking to get through these tires to put on some good ones. Just looming for good grip vs handling.
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    Stock Tire Psi Opinions

    Running factory stock Bridgestone on a 2014. All street, curves and highway What is a good front and rear psi setting?
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    Gps/phone Mount...

    Good morning. I am going to start taking some back road trips around three hour each way to see family. I don't have my routes memorized yet, so wanted to mount a helper. What brand/type should I use and where should I mount it? Also, should I hard wire or will I have enough battery power in...
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    Indianapolis Area...

    I am in the Mooresville/Monrovia area. Looking for fellow members to ride with. Let me know, thanks.
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    Chain question.....

    What is the best drive chain to buy? Looking to replace the factory. Thanks for any input.
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    Any Indianapolis riders?

    I am on the south west side of Indy, in Mooresville.
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    Busa Newbie...

    Thanks for your help
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    Busa Newbie...

    Hello everyone. Just picked one up a few days ago and have a couple Mr. Obvious questions. Does the clock in the cluster always stay on? Also, how do you set the shift light? I have frame sliders on the way, are the swing arm pegs a must get also? Thanks for any answers.