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    2003 Fan Assy Replacement recommendations

    Thnx for the help... I need some other "Shop TLC" as well. Glad I'm doing a $$$$ contract right now, I can float the cost. Also time for the Throttle Body sync, Valves, Plugs, coolant flush, and that type of stuff... I don't have the space or the patience to do a lot of it myself. As an...
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    2003 Fan Assy Replacement recommendations

    OK... 2003, Gen1... The brown goes on the radiator to the relay, shorting it w/ the electric on gets a relay click. the black to the right goes to the fan motor. No continuity on my meter, nothing happens when direct 12vDC applied from battery. I also pulled and replaced the fuse for the...
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    2003 Fan Assy Replacement recommendations

    Hey all! been quite a while since I've posted. Got 65,000 miles on my Anni Orange '03! First problem. I did search, did not see anything, but it's been a while... The cooling fan motor is done. It overheated on me today and when I got home and turned off the motor w/ the electric still on...
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    It's March and the roads are ready

    S'up all... Been a long time, still running my '03 Busa!!!
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    Mystery Throttle Body Hose

    It was plugged because, if open, and you have an aftermarket exhaust, the bike backfires bad. I had to do it on my Pumpkin once I put the D&D bolt-on pipes in place. If you do not like it, either put the stock exhaust back on or remove it and all the crap that goes with it. Someone here makes...
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    A new Hayabusa has been added to the garage!

    CorrodedAlien has entered a new Hayabusa in the garage. Go check out their 2003 Hayabusa GSX1300R!
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    How did you arrive at your Username ?

    Good stories.... Mine is simple, as a kid I was called Rusty, my cousin was in High School auto body shop and was learning about the galvanic chart, he and a bunch of his cronnies were hanging out when I came in and he introduced me to the bunch... One of them laughed and said "Rusty... Ha...
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    Honest touring windshield opinions..

    I just run with a Laminar Lip... Busa Order Page for a Lip They did not have the touring one when I got mine. It raises the wind spot to just below my chin. Was a great relief once I got it on. Here it is on my bike as well: Laminar Lip Page on my site
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    Article: I finally hit 100K miles

    thought I was doing good @ 42k... Nice, now it's time to look for the 50th Anni Edition!!!! :bowdown: :cheerleader: :bowdown:
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    fuel filter again...

    Mikey D.... How much effort was it to R&R the pump and clean the Filter?
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    fuel filter again...

    Bump... My '03 is acting like it need some care in this department. Any advice here?
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    pics from todays trip to the Rosamond Gifford Zoo in Syracuse

    what nothing of the red panda? was there in February a couple of years ago.
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    Alternative to Tiger Racings $80 hump mod?

    see my Mod's in signature... pretty straight forward.
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    03 AE Orange Stolen MI

    Sucks... That is my bike as well... Hope you had full coverage Insurance!
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    1985 Honda Magna Bobber

    :thumbsup: Love the Honda V motors. I had VF1000F, loved it. wish the b4$^4rds had not've stole it and ruined it...