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    Gen 2 turbo problems

    What's your fuel pressure at idle? It sounds like it's dumping and cutting fuel to make the bike meet it's idle RPM. Possibly your regulator needs some adjustment or replacement. When you rev it up and it's asking for more fuel to the injectors, the pressure will drop, and the regulator is...
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    Sound under clutch cover

    It sounds rough running too. Pull the cover off again and see if there's any evidence of scraping anywhere in the clutch housing/hub. To me with how it sounds along with the exhaust, almost sounds like a valving issue. You sure it's not coming from the head or cylinder? Could be the cam...
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    No gen 2's in prostreet drag...gen 1's must be a thing

    There's lots of guys just running the Gen1 bodies as the aeros are better (as previously stated), while running a gen 2 block. There's busas running 6.60s-6.80s running a gen 2 block. As per the numbers of Gen1s to Gen2s, tough to say. Guys will also use a gen 1 block with a gen 2 crank for...
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    This Hayabusa did 6.58 at 201MPH in the 1/4 mile

    Just gonna put this out there..... But Rodney Williford holds the record for MPH at 230mph!!
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    building a drag bike

    Along with what Johnnie Phatt said, if you go to 16t in the front, dont push a whole lotta power or you're asking for a chain to snap. On that note, better get a case saver if you dont have one (cheap insurance)
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    Hellcat is gone! I have a new ride ;-)

    Well, this is actually my 3rd Viper. I had an 04 convertible, then an 06 supercharged coup, and now this one. I think that may be review enough! Lol. I absolutely love them. I'm 5'9" and 190lbs, so I can fit in this nicely. I drive it every day I'm on days of (week at a time). Grocery...
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    Whats your 60'

    1.2's personal best, low 1.3's typically. Nothing stock. 19/47, 210 suited.
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    What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

    Ride's fast! In a straight line. Lol. The color is a custom chosen color with 3 layers of super heavy flake. Theres a vid on here of the flake somewhere. Just got to find it. I'll get a full side shot when the weather gets better here.
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    What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

    Yep. Better geometry for drag racing. Pro Street
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    What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

    You need a conversion axle to fit the CBR wheel, which includes spacers. You will also have to space the rotors out to line up into the brake calipers. No idea on the weight vs R1, but I added a really heavy axle so the combined wheel and axle is heavier than stock.
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    Your busa then, and now...

    Before and after. Guess I've done alot. Lol
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    Owning ecu editor/ basic tuning knowledge

    I use ECU editor on my Pro Street bike. It works well with the functions that are available. HOWEVER, and it is a big HOWEVER. There is one con to the ECU editor (aside from some advanced tuning items). Once you make a change, it takes quite a bit to flash the bike (duration wise). So if...
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    What Did You Do To Your Busa, Today?

    16" front CBR wheel!
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    Ways to Change A/F ratio

    Oh good I'm not the only
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    Hellcat is gone! I have a new ride ;-)

    Yep, The Hellcat Charger is now gone to a new owner. But I've replaced it! I went with an 05 Dodge Viper Mamba Edition convertible. #26/200. Best color for the Viper in my opinion. This is my third Viper and I'm so glad to be back in one. It was just luck that this deal came up last...