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    Revolution Paint

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    HBD BlueHaya!!

    :beerchug: :hbd: :beerchug:
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    Happy B-Day Mrs. Captain

    :beerchug: :hbd: :beerchug:
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    My latest project

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    paint is finally done

    Very nice!! :thumbsup:
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    New addition to the stable

    Very nice.... :beerchug: :thumbsup:
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    How to understand women - new book

    How fitting....:rofl:
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    Ain't she sweet!?

    Looking Good!!! :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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    Have you guys seen this??

    I would so much like to try and ride one. I would imagine that it would handle petty good. It just looks like fun to me.
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    Passenger Back Rest?

    Corbin makes a good one. I can't compair it to ones made by others here, but my wife LOVES it. She hated riding with me before I got her the Corbin, now I can't hardly ride without her. I would take some picts for ya but I'm in Dallas for the next 2 days for training.
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    Odd day at work

    I hear ya, fun and games until someone deletes an iSCSI volume.... Been there, had to fix that...
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    Fastest the movie

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    How to change the color of you gauges lights...bye orange

    :thumbsup: Very nice. I would love to change mine to red but I know I do not have the soldering skill required.
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    How to understand women - new book

    Ehh?? What?? Did you say something?? :poke: :laugh::laugh:
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    How to understand women - new book

    :rofl::rofl: I'm thinking that is just volume 1 out of the set. :laugh: