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    Article: Fork Service How-To

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    Carrozzeria Wheels

    Answers, on the Hayabusa you will save approx. 6.6lbs of wheel weight, which is mostly from the outer rim, which outer rim induces much more gyroscopic effect than the hub. They are DOT and JL approved, and as such can with stand potholes just as good as any forged and CNC machined aluminum...
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    aka Danksy Wheelie Video

    You should at least protect yourself a little better than jeans and long sleeve shirt, even if you did have a back protector on. If you ever loop the busa, it will hurt just that much more without the right gear. Nice stance though. I used to wheelie mine a lot, just couldn't get out of 2d...
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    lost the chain on the way home tonight

    If your chain was clipped your lucky it didn't pop much sooner. 12k on a ZZZ is not bad mileage wise. As for what you'll need, at the minimum a new EK ZZZ chain with RIVET master link. Yes your damn lucky it didn't let go on the way foward and wipe out the water pump, shift rod, etc. And...
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    Not your grandpas harly

    They will loose! They must loose!
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    90 degree valve stems.......

    Bubba, if it helps any.. I have sold over 100 sets of these, many for track bikes (the last thing you'd want is unreliability on a track bike of all sports). Normally the 90* stems associated with bad news are the rubber based one. They have a metal stem that joins rubber plug which is the...
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    Everyone ready to work on MC_Mustangs Bike

    Where are we standing on the list? Are the funds enough to complete the list? I know this Extreme Hayabusa Makeover idea started last year, but the current donation and list was from this June. If theres still more thats needed if you can post up, or pm would be great, if I don't have the...
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    90 degree valve stems.......

    Ah yes, Cloud9 thats Daniels name... good looking out. I know he was getting them in before. Weird UncleSteve, you have one on the front, and my Duc comes with one on the front factory as well :) Of course no real need for one on the rear with a SSSA, but will swap it out eventually.
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    90 degree valve stems.......

    Daniel, forget his SN and business name, used to sell them. Airete, and other brands of the same body design actually come from the same foundry and are indeed the exact same other than the initial cast into the body of them. 11.3mm work on OEM wheels, and Carrozzeria (you have to use the...
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    Omaha 188MPH Busa ticket

    Just FYI an IR camera wouldn't be able to track the guy once inside a building, at least not a bldg in the US. I should know, I use airborne IR for recon in the Army. We can see the heat signature great, until its masked, like for example, if a bad guy were track into some thick Iraqi palm...
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    Man i hate to ask stupid questions

    I'm doing RIP with incoming unit, so collapsed back to a COB and have internet access now that I was severely lacking the last year in Iraq. The banner is kickazz I agree. Stay least until I drop my retirement packet in a year :)
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    Arizona riding

    What you are noticing is "normal" in that the fan is pulling hotter air through the radiator to keep things cool. The air temp coming off the asphalt is much warmer still than the ambient air temp also. When the temps go back down you should notice less of the hot air blast. I had the same...
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    Man i hate to ask stupid questions

    Oops, I wasn't supposed to say that :) Actually yes he did and was very helpful.
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    Man i hate to ask stupid questions

    Lurk in the shadows, wow thats pretty much a direct insult. However, no Doug, I have logged in here, researched topics of interest and seeing if I could continue to learn or help someone else with issues. Haven't been hiding in shadows as you say for any maliciousness. I went over to EBC...
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    Man i hate to ask stupid questions

    hmmm..... nothing like a little :poke: just coudn't resist could ya :) Americans should never have to resort to that... now here in the sandbox, thats a totally different story :please: