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    Obama just spanked Mitt! You mad? LOL

    Go President Obama forward. Team Obama.
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    Any of The Old Crew Still Here?..

    Poking my head in to say hello hope everyone is blessed.
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    Busastalker needs our prayers

    Prayers sent.
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    What type of oil do you use?

    I use Mobil One Race.
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    Scorpio SR-I900 Alarm

    I wired my disable to the fuel pump instead of the coils.
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    Might as well go ahead and ban me...

    Beautiful bike, love the color.
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    Oil level

    Four quarts with filter, never have a problem.
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    Who is on their original battery?

    Bought my 08 in Feb. 08 still has the original battery in it, stays on my Schumacher battery charger. :banana:
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    GREG at gpw

    Yep, the seal is still good.
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    633hp 08 Busa dyno video!!

    Wow that's a monster.
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    Rider down, son of a friend.

    Prayers and condolences to the family.
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    Throttlemeister ?'s

    I have a set of the black milled ones, love mine good for when you want to relax your hand for awhile.
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    Bought 14R

    That's one bad machine, my hats off to Kaw they definitely got it right. I saw one in Freedom Cycles wouldn't mind having one next to the Busa. Congrats on your new missle.
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    Chain Cleaning

    Kerosene on a shop towel, I use the blue Teflon can. I clean mine when ever it needs it, regardless of the mileage.