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    lever not engaging clutch. need help

    Yep mittyvac the line is about 1 yr old. No holes. It does hold pressure
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    lever not engaging clutch. need help

    rebuilt clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder, still not working. now im lost
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    lever not engaging clutch. need help

    Think seals r bad and pulling air into system
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    lever not engaging clutch. need help

    Well tried going for a ride after a cpl days of no riding. Started up and shifted 2 2nd gear bike lurched forward and cut off. Pulled in clutch lever and tried pushing up drivewayñ but wouldnt budge. Managed to get it back in neutral and get it in the garage. Took everything apart. Lever does...
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    Flat battery?

    any parasitic draw will kill a battery in time. normally when a battery drops below 8v it would cause a cell problem. everything electrical installed on my bike has 1 form to kill the draw when i dont need it. ive never been big on the alarms bc it has no purpose when u cut it off but when it is...
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    Auxillirary Fuel tank

    ^^^^ yea what he said
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    custom tank question???

    fella out of north carolina did a custom build and used stock tank for tvs and i think a double din receiver, but had a tank custom fit into swingarm. wasnt but maybe 2.5 gallon tank plus it was a show bike so didnt really need much gas but it looked good and rode fine
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    oil sight glass on engine cover?

    i didnt use any sealant on mine. pushed it out checked the seal around it and reinstalled. not a leak at all
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    oil sight glass on engine cover?

    yes it actually just pops out with a lil pressure on the stock cover
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    adjusting the height of the rear air shock?

    just need adjustable links
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    More power......... Electrical that is

    frank is right. i upgraded my system through him and i havent had 1 problem. the regulator rectifier doesnt get near as hot as the stock unit. again thanks frank
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    New Image Custom Seats

    im coming to see you during my anniversary with the wife. we will be at myrtle in march. so ill bring my seats 2 get done :thumbsup:
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    Gen 2 Busa Drift Project

    :bowdown::clap::clap::drool::drooling3: please show more
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    Arnott Air Ride with 300mm tire

    and thanks for compliments tho