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    DEATH VALLEY April 21 and 22

    It's a bit starker, and you don't get the Sierra views, but the 178 through Searles Valley is pretty wild, beautiful, and remote. Trona Pinnacles are fun. Trona itself, not so much. Back on the 395 route, Lone Pine is worth a stop too if you want to go a little further north.
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    If you had to pull a trailer...

    Added to life goals.
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    If you had to pull a trailer...

    Ditto. Love teardrops (though that one is probably a little big to be considered one).
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    Who's Still Eating Leftovers?

    Once my leftovers mature to a fine age I cook them into new dishes, like a turkey/pasta/green chile casserole.
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    What Hobby If There Were No Limits.

    Wingsuit flying around the world
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    Pearly Gates Humor

    As a former Catholic and never lawyer I appreciate this.
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    My 9 Lb Cat Survived A Rattlesnake Bite.

    Tough kitty. Must take after her owner. Wishing her a speedy recovery.
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    Can't Get Enough Of The Guy.

    I wish I had half that enthusiasm about anything.
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    Great Confusions

    I want to say I've seen a herd of meese.
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    Weather Where You Are

    70 degrees and sunny. Perfect. Maybe too perfect...
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    People Who May Not Be Around In 2018

    The ladder in the pool is the one that gets me. It's not the most dramatic, but it's the perfect combination of terrible decisions.
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    Sinkholes.........holy Moley................... A Must See

    Had one closer to home not too long ago in Los Angeles:
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    ICON helmets. Are they any good?

    isn't the first rule to make sure the helmet is comfortable and fits right? with that said, no issue with mine, aside from being super loud.
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    Who keeps pipes stock and why?

    I keep them stock because I like them and don't see a need for the upgrade. Actually, I like my bike stock because it stands out!