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    Ever stop and think

    My old busa setup...current bike is setup the same except it has d200 digital dash, CP pistons and extended swingarm.. *Velocity stage two turbo kit, with Hks blow off valve. Replace the oil drain flange that came with the turbo with a after market billet *drain flange..i also run a full 4qrts...
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    Show me your digital dash /speedo

    The Digital dash is a PSC D-200...
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    Show me your digital dash /speedo

    It's not plug and play, it come with a wire loom and instruction, you have to wire it up then program each channel accordingly, it can be time consuming. But the end result is worth it...
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    Show me your digital dash /speedo

    Here is my setup, on my 05 turbo, touch screen and datalogs.
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    Anyone holding out for a 2019 Gen3?

    I'm very happy with my turbo Gen1, making about 350-360 hp, runs great and corners great, to me, i have no complaints, but i would entertain the possibility of purchasing the Gen3 if suzuki step there game up, always room for another busa in the garage.
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    Which part of the clutch assembly did I break?

    It's the end of the clutch lever as you assumed, that area also holds a brass fitting.
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    Illinois shop or personal mechanic?

    yes, Win-Racing owner seem like a cool guys as well, he had tune my bike for the previous owner, when I bought it, the bike came with all the receipts, I called and asked him for the map and he sent it over to me.
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    Illinois shop or personal mechanic?

    Where in Illinois are you? i believe there is a shop located in Naperville.
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    Integration of turn signals into oem taillight housing?

    I just bought a smoke LED tail light with integrated turn signals for only $19 on Ebay with free shipping, and it works great..
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    Finally got a New Ride !!

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    Do you hear the starter relay click when you hit the start button? check at the relay you should have a ground signal at the relay coil and when you hit the starter button you should have 12v on the other side of the relay coil. if you don't have the 12v check the engine kill switch, you should...
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    Gen 2 Different Cylinder Temps?

    The inner(bank1) and outer(bank2) cylinder runs different fuel and ignition maps...
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    Idle Speed Control Valve Question

    So how do you adjust the idle with the IAC valve removed?
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    Bogging Down

    Don't think its electrical.