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    Too bad its not practical to wear full leathers mountain biking (Warning: Graphic)

    Re: Too bad its not practical to wear full leathers mountain biking (Warning: Graphic Ouch... Here's to a fast recovery brother :drink: Something that worked awesome for me was a product called Tegaderm. It's a sterile, large, breathable plastic sheet you can place over the large areas...
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    Need some help with problem: LCD ghosting/flashing

    Hi all, I recently made a change on my 2011 'busa and have a problem with the LCD ghosting/flashing. Here is the sequence of events: 1. disassembled front end 2. desoldered LCD from IC board 3. soldered new red LED's behind LCD & tested, looked good 4. Soldered in LCD, reassembled and...
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    Top 10 bike loading fails

    Wow, did you catch the 5th one? The guy loading it knocks himself out stiff, then the big guy runs around the truck to check the bike... doh! :banghead:
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    A new look for me.....

    That looks awesome Skeche! Really nice! :thumbsup:
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    Proud New Owner of a Unrestricted 2000 Model

    :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:
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    Hi new to the busa

    Welcome :welcome: Cheers!!
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    Stolen busa clinton <tn

    Sucks that it was stolen. At least you have recourse through the dealership half full.
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    Need quick Answer on Shoei Hadron

    yeah, that's a good price. Top quality lid.
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    The deed is done. 1,059 miles around Lake Michigan in 22 hours

    Congratulations! Heck of an experience!
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    Yea, go with the full system. I got the Yosh full 4-2-1 system with carbon can. I like the look of the single side way better than the duals. The carbon can gets warm but u can touch it without burning. My passenger says she can tell a difference wth the carbon vs. stock re: heat radiating to...
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    What's your take on a stretch...

    Hey Cappo, thanks, it's a 3M decal. I can tell, ur bike looks awesome! I'm really digging that seat, where'd u get it?
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    What's your take on a stretch...

    Here is my 2011 with a +6 stretch
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    Funny Motorcycle Memes

    That was good stuff :]
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    *** DIVORCE FORCES SALE *** of Rubb's Hayabusa

    Keep ur chin up Rubb, you're a good man. Ride out the bad times and enjoy the good ones all the more.
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    Made some changes over the summer...

    Def needs the flash, riding a little rough since the exhaust change. I'm thinking Turbo would be the perfect next mod, not sure I can pull that off myself tho ???