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    Which SUV for me...

    I just really hate how the Jeep Liberty. I say anything but it would be nice. I am not really a GM guy, but my friend recently bought a 95 full size Blazer. It had over 200k on it and it runs and rides great. BOOZER
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    Thanks for sharing, I wish I could have made it. Boozer
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    Movie Question

    My friends and I are trying to find a song on Scar Face, but it is just a short clip so we can't figure it out. It is in the scene when they do their first buy (the chain saw scene) and everything goes wrong. When Tony jumps into the convertible and starts it this music kicks on real loud, it...
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    slush fund vote

    I am an accounting major at Southwest Missouri State University. I will be graduating in December with my bachelor’s degree and I hope to have my CPA and my CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner) license some time next year. I may be able to answer questions and help in other ways. BOOZER
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    Need Advice

    I had just turned 21 when I got my Busa. It wasn't the first bike I road, but it was the first sports bike I had been on. I was really nerves when I picked; I didn't want to drop it on the way out of the parking lot or something worse. But anyway, I did just fine having the Busa as my first...
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    best line from a movie....

    Just about every line in Tombstone could be the best. BOOZER
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    Need for speed

    WOW. Could you imagine what the 0-60 mph would be? just a fraction of a second.
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    Here is a question.

    I know the busa's have about a 10% speed error, but how does that effect the top end speed limiters on the newer busa's. If the bike is limited to about 186 mph, is that with or without the error? Could it be that I am limited to 168 (186-10%)? Anyway, just something to think about. I have a...
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    False neutrals under hard acceleration

    I have been having the same problem. At first I thought it was do to lazy shifting, but the bike grabs 2nd and falls into neutral after I hit about 7-8 thousand rpm. It doesn,t do it all the time (but mostly when I am trying to show off). I have not done a clutch mod yet, but I have been...
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    Ok guys, help me out here...

    Enough money can do just about any thing. I Have seen a Pinto run a 7.42 in the quarter. However 772 ci engine, 2 stage nitrous fogger setup, 2 1200 cfm carbs, and more money in mods then I have ever had (about $90,000). All I know is that I own a Busa and it's real #### fast; and these guys...
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    College Students?

    I was just wondering how many other students ride a busa. I go to Southwest Missouri State University. I should graduate in December; then I will be an accountant on a busa. That sounds a little odd to me. BOOZER
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    Gas mileage on a Busa

    I get 28-32 driving in the city and 50+ on the highway(about 70mph). I did notice a small decrease in the city after installing a K&N air filter. BOOZER
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    Yellow boxes - OH YEA, $78.00 + shipping

    #6 65802
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    How Much For Gas

    Gas is running a little high these days.  I was just wondering what every one else is paying.  I am paying $1.55 per gallon for 87 octane. Boozer
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    new gauges

    Every thing is the same with me and my Busa. This weekend I will attempt the gauges, it doesn't look to bad. When it warms up you will have to let me know where every body meets up now days. Last time I rode with the local group everyone was meeting at Hardee's, so thats been a while. Boozer