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    How Much For Gas

    80 AUS cents a litre sooooo what's that about $1.60 US/Gallon?
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    my yosh isn't very loud

    I thought my yoshi RS3 full system [/i]was [/i] loud. - I'm like Hawaiibusa - the young lady can hear me coming from about 5 km's away. Are other systems really that much louder because as far as I am concerned, THE LOUDER THA BETTER
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    Who owns a Hayabusa

    yellow and red
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    forkin stupid qn.......

    no sweat, chill out, ride fast, and stay upright. no more posts on this topic, over it.
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    forkin stupid qn.......

    I apologise if I 'offended' anyone with the pic - it was actually going around our Australian Hayabusa board site and everyone enjoyed a good laugh. I guess it is a cultural thing. Americans tolerate and condone violence, whether it be bombing other countries or simply on TV, but are vigilant to...
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    forkin stupid qn.......

    guns, swearing, racism but hey, a pair of tits wooooooooooow. USA USA
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    forkin stupid qn.......

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    forkin stupid qn.......

    Okay, I know this is a pretty stoopid question but help me out with an argument I am having with little miss can't be wrong... How do people pronounce 'hayabusa'. ie - do you pronounce it "hayabooooooza" or is it "hayabusa" - with no prolonged "oooo" vowel sound? right, I'm off for a...
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    Tires & Chain

    Pilot's for me - only last about 5000km's (what's that about 3500 mile or somtin') but stick like soggy tissues heh heh
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    Were back, kinda

    at last, no more wasted hours actually doing work!!!