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    removing front sprocket cover

    OK great thanks for that. Have a good one
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    removing front sprocket cover

    Hey everyone. Hope all is good. Gotta question. Only other time I did this, (removed spr cov)I was changing clutch fluid so had to bleed anyway. If I removed only the spr cover and pushrod to clean it all out, would I in theory not have to bleed it? I know some guys on here will know...
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    What percent of riders have been 150 mph

    Hi all. Hope I don't ruffle any feathers here. But when situation allows I consistently do 150. The fastest I've been is 18X. Couldn't see my speedo.
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    Gen 2 Trunk Mod

    This is great! Ill be doin this one. Excellent idea man.
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    No clutch lever pressure

    Hey guys. For anyone else who has this problem: I bled my clutch for 2 days straight. No lever pressure. Did the gravity bleed that was suggested earlier. No results. I borrowed my bros Mityvac....hooked it up & after literally 10 seconds of pumping & releasing vacuum it lever pressure was back...
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    hayabusa as a first bike can be done!!!

    Hi all. My first bike was 08 busa. I bought it new & totaled it a month later. Got a used 2011 now. Hope it lasts longer than first one. As was said she does what u tell her to. Take care everybody.
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    Report your GEN II Busa Issues here.

    Hey guys. I've got a 2011. No major mods. 6k miles. I use the rotella syn oil. It has about 3k miles on it. New filter w each oil change. Was in garage today gettin a fix letting it run for awhile. Snow on the ground. Anyway after it warmed up I gave it a couple hard revs....then the smoke...
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    Report your GEN II Busa Issues here.

    To syuk: I have 2011 mostly stock busa. It's my second gen 2. From what I can tell 40mpg is about the best you can hope for. Little less or more depending on conditions. If you can find someone who knows what they're doing you can have it tuned to be less of a guzzler. However it is a hayabusa...
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    How did you make your way to this site

    Hello all. New member. Long time user. Found my way here because after sifting thru busa info from all corners of google, this is hands down the best busa site on the web. Just wanted to say thanks to the guys who share all their experience with everybody. You've saved me a lot of money and...
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    A new Hayabusa has been added to the garage!

    James Pinkerton has entered a new Hayabusa in the garage. Go check out their 2011 Suzuki BUSA!