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    Maybe you don't have a chain
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    Good Roads In Georgia?

    thanks a lot this looks like what i'm looking for...much more optimistic info than the other response
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    Good Roads In Georgia?

    financially motivated...tied to someone who is selling in California to buy in Georgia...have loved eastbay California roads for the last 8 years...but this is a matter of my survival...retired and living on social security
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    Busa Has Company In The Garage

    if I could afford another bike besides my busa...this is the way I wanted to go too
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    Good Roads In Georgia?

    i'm moving from eastbay cali to flowery branch Georgia today...any recommendations for good roads?...also how is the police situation...I have 2 points on my license already
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    Got New Bike, Suzuki But Not Hayabusa

    what is the weight of your bike?
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    Chain Service . Cheap , Easy , And Clean !

    every so often I put the bike on the rear stand and remove the rear wheel...then I drape the chain into a plastic pan...I can pour in kerosene, but usually I spray w/ 1/2 can of wd 40...pulling the chain around and around...lots of dirt comes out
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    Turbo streetfighter in progress

    great bike and I loved your build thread...and best of all I never knew about the custom fighters site...its really great to see what people are doing out there....mad skills and creativity...its a real eyeopener
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    Been Years Since I've Been On The Site!

    a little threadjacking...pashnit...on a road such as hwy 36 (in pic) you prefer your busa or your kz1000 and why?
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    Against my better judgement

    Sayin, H8R's will....
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    Against my better judgement

    Have never passed on right in my life.
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    Against my better judgement

    The stills don't show what the movie does because the camera is pointing backwards. When he first appears in the picture is when I pass him. Leading up to this I was behind him, trying to pass but the filming didn't show it because the camera is pointing in the opposite direction. On this road...
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    Against my better judgement

    That's what I say when people pass me.
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    Against my better judgement

    I seldom use the GoPro that was given to me as a gift. Today I made a rear facing mount and tried it out. I never wondered what happened to the people I pass or to those that pass me. Today I found out. I took out 7 stills covering 18 seconds. I hesitate to post up because although this a...
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    China Levers vs OEM - Something to think about...

    I bought what were labeled as genuine pazzo levers from e bay for $150. Since I believe they are genuine Pazzo I never checked any aspect of their operation. I just enjoyed them. They work fine. I also bought an as new stock gen II 08 gas tank in 08 for $225. Had perfect stock paint in a...