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    Engine Ice and Water Wetter

    I flushed my cooling system and filled it with engine ice. My temp seems to be the same as the factory green stuff. What does yours run? Mine is a little below half way point.
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    00 Busa Overheating

    I have 27k on my '06 and it would run just below half way on the temp gauge when I am on the highway. In stop and go traffic, and the hot Florida heat, the temp would rise to 3/4 or so. I changed the fluids today to engine ice. I will let you know if the temp runs cooler after I get her back...
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    Shoie helmet shield

    Now thats more like it. The spectra sure look nice though.
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    Amsoil dealer?

    Is anyone here a dealer?
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    Shoie helmet shield

    I went to Cycle Gear yesterday wanting to get a new face shield for my X-11. I have had my tinted one for 2 years and it has some scratches on it. I think that I paid $40 for it from the dealer. I could not believe that they wanted $70 for a new one! Now I know that prices can change from place...
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    Air Tools?

    Snap-on or Matco here.
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    almost done

    Thats my new favorite bike. Very nice!
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    HID What color to go with?

    I have 4800k. Its got the blue/purple hue to it. Super bright as well.
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    Addition to the Busa.

    Yeah what do you have to do to find stuff like that?
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    another tire bites the dust

    Here is my PP2CT with almost 11k on her.
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    Post pic of yourself

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    key hole lube?

    Is there such a thing? ???
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    Whats the best cleaner?

    I have the Honda stuff and love it.
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    gages go wacko

    No as soon as I saw that the gauges were messed up, I went and cut out the HID system and put it all back to normal.
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    Hid success

    Well I figured out the problem with my HID setup. I was using the wrong bulb. Last night I was looking at the ballast and remember seeing bulb #s on a HID site. So today I hooked it up again, and wallah. This thing is bright as hell. Its a 4800k. I will get some pics after I aim it.