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    What’s Your Job?

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    Changed fuel pump and assembly with brand new one, however C41 error code still shows. Bike runs ok. Do I still have a problem.

    Does it prime when you turn power on? Do you have a power commander?
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    Prototype Center Stand .

    Should utilize some quick release pins too McMaster-Carr
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    250th Mass Shooting in 215 Days

    Like I said the media drives americans beliefs. In 2015 there was 371 "mass shootings". I heard that there are more mass shootings than days this year, well like I said in 2015 there was "more mass shootings than days". This year is not as unusual as the media would like you to believe...
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    250th Mass Shooting in 215 Days

    "white males are the new predators" Who was the old "predators". The reason you think this is because that's what the media wants you to hear. Look at the FBI statistics and that does not support this. Hate crime offenders - White 51% yet whites make up 64% Black 21% make up 12% So...
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    Pit Bull Trailer Restraint Platform for U-Haul Trailer

    Yep, figured you had some kind of trauma in your past with that rig. It is awsome no doubt! And like I said it shows the difference in personalities, and I find it interesting, not that your way is right or wrong, just different. Like I see some people use a torque wrench on...
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    Pit Bull Trailer Restraint Platform for U-Haul Trailer

    Hmm and all these years of me using two ratchet straps up front on the bars, and 2 in the back on the foot pegs, been doing it all wrong. Seriously though, great work, a lot more than I would ever thought about doing. Thats the thing I have found on these forums, the different...
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    Top Ten Reasons Hayabusa Riders Don't Wave Back

    I WILL BITE! To tired from whipping the big ass thing through the last 318 curves over 11 miles
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    Why is it...?

    When someone says that their wife/girlfriend whatever wont let them, or made them stop. I say you picked the wrong wife/girlfriend! :beerchug:
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    Only ones I remember are the ones that screwed people over on deals. Remember big drama around SPAZ but could have been but think here too.
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    Can we please stop necroposting?

    I blocked RedBull and it all stopped, give it a try!
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    Camping with wife and furr babies .

    You got to the point about the size thing, I get it that they are big, but then you have many many other large breeds, and most more aggressive than the "Pit Bull" Which most "pit bulls" you see are not pit bulls, like my own. It is driven by media bias I know, sorry should have chosen...
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    Camping with wife and furr babies .

    Nice looking pups. I have a 3 year old Bully, he has been the best dog I have ever had. Do not understand the bias given these dogs. We walk him in Key west all the time, and people will literally walk to the other side of the street to stay away.
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    Sick to my stomach...

    That does suck, when that has happened to me I say good now a reason to build!. I have read many thoughts on the extra stroke on the busa. Kind of like the old days of the 327 SBC vs the 350 SBC. Many people believe the shorter stroke is better. Just makes me go hmmmm
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    2020 Corvette

    Naa 2020 Fiero!