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    2018 Hayabusa Released

    Suzuki’s website is now showing the 2018’s. Looks like new colors.
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    For the Ford Fan Boys, 2016 Shelby GT350. WOW!

    Except for a few, high-end exotics (like the Aventador), I think the 2016 Mustang is the best-looking car on the road.
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    2016 Ducati xDiavel

    I may be lining up for this one ....
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    My life has been changed forever

    God bless her soul and may she rest in peace. I pray that you find peace remembering the good times with her.
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    2016 Hayabusa (Suzuki Website)

    I think there may have been another post about the 2016's, but it seems like we'll have to wait until (at least) 2017 for the next generation of the 'Busa. From Suzuki's U.S. website:
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    Today is Memorial Day you know?

    God bless all of the men and women who died serving our country, and may their families find peace.
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    Losail - Season Opener MotoGP 2015

    That's really a bummer. Drive pulled out at the last minute--even though they (apparently) had a contract through this year. If they (Aspar) would crowd fund, I'd definitely contribute.
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    Losail - Season Opener MotoGP 2015

    Amazing pictures--like the Oscars of MotoGP. I like the one with Nicky; if he had the bike, he would still be competitive. Did he say anything?
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    Moto GP On Different Channel This Weekend

    Yeah, it's repeated on Fox Sports 1 later in the week. I mean, do people really need to see an entire 24 hours of NASCAR? Really? I hope that NBC Sports will take over MotoGP, hire the British announcers who really know MotoGP, and give us 2 hours of entertainment--1/2 hour of qualifying and...
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    Getting ready to drive to the airport; headed for Losail!

    Awesome! Get a pic with that new Duc ....
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    Graigs list =scammer list

    Maybe she can find additional work through a reputable company that helps the elderly? It's a great calling and there's a real need for skilled people who care.
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    H2r ?

    Anyone on the .Org own the H2R or the H2? Would be nice to hear a real world experience.
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    I might "add a motorcycle" to my garage!

    Adding a World Superbike Championship brand to your stable isn't a bad thing ...
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    Thoughts for GIXERHP please...

    God bless her and may she rest in peace. I pray God gives you strength to cope with your loss. When you can, try to think of all the good times, and after time, I promise it will help ease the pain.