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    Best dot drag tire?

    new shinko "hook up" drag radial as cheap as 140.00 shipped on ebay
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    whats the best chain for the money ? strip and street

    stock chain with links added here over 300 runs and 1.4x 60's no problems here so I would not spend all my loot on top notch chains jmo
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    Best stretch?

    I guess its whatever ya like , I just went 1.43 60' this week @63" lauching at 3500 so it works too
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    how am i doin

    I was out there friday , I had the Blue Gen1 stretched, you def need some gearing with the weight but also I would stretch it some to take advantage of the gearing to get the 60' down and WOT faster to get the times down and speed up. No offense to you but unless you are one helluva rider you...
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    Best stretch?

    I'm 63" its great on my gen1, dont forget the longer you go the more traction problems you could have, 62-64" very popular and works great
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    06 14 runs prety good

    X2 I run 6.00's all day on my stock motor Gen 1 fully streeted out with mirrors and all, and yes that is on motor no spray and Footshifted as well....And I suck
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    Can't get pass 1.54 60'

    I run 16/40 on my stock motor Gen 1 and I have been 1.43 @63" and that is stock shock all stock suspension, just lowered and strapped and for me the 40T was better than the 42T I had
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    Drag Racers age groups?

    wow lot of old farts in here LOL j/k I expected to see younger numbers on some of you guys. I'm 29 till June , then I'll still be 29:laugh:. Good to see though , My wife once said to me when I sold my chopper and bought my first sportbike in 03' that I was going through a midlife crisis HAHA, I...
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    Nitrous Advice

    just be sure to have a dustpan and broom handy:laugh:j/k you will be fine most likely without adding any @100% but with adding fuel and such a small shot I would not worry at all just put premium in it add 12% like Mr Brown said and shoot that 30 shot no worries:thumbsup:
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    new shinko

    I ran the 008 a few times last year, I think my setup was similar, thing dead hooks, I would start closer to 20 on a well prepped track, to keep the top end up.
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    Extended arm - brake hose?

    X2 I'm 63 " and got slack, stock hose. I'm cheap on that stuff, If I can make it work I will:thumbsup:
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    Ping wheelie bar haters

    Agreed, thats why they have options I just dont see the point in trashin someone b/c they may or may not have won money or what not ...Lets face it we all do this because its fun as hell so at the end of the day even if you lose you still had fun and it was worth every penny no?:beerchug::beerchug:
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    Ping wheelie bar haters

    Why is there like 20 different threads on this???? If I have read 1 of your posts then I have read them all, I personally do not like bars on bikes that DO NOT need them, NHRA Pro stock thats cool but the bikes are actually fast JMO though remember.....Bracket Racing mmmmmmmmmm...... not my...
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    Heating nos bottle help much?

    I always us the larger solenoids, even for small shots because they have been less prone to sticking at higher pressures, the large NX solenoids I have used as high as 1200 and no problem, I know not recommended but it sure hits like a mofo:thumbsup: most of the kits seem to be rated at 900psi...
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    Sprocket count