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    apologies n' azz-kissin can be posted here

    seriously, how many experts are eating their shorts and checking account balances.... :beerchug:
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    This is why i love trials bikes

    purdy F'n impressive is that doods balance! I do something similar on a sportbike, I ride curbing or curbs, not as easy as one would think and pre aligning the wheels is everything as there really is no room for adjustment once you are on top of the curb, staying on top of a radius curb is a...
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    What what, a Paris Hilton motogp team

    I think Miss Hilton will make a fine FIM 125 sponsor, no doubt she wants to be a working sponsor and do her part lending a hand with the "Toe" truck team.. :beerchug:
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    Favorite Exotic Supercar?

    or the R? Zondas are nice too.. :beerchug:
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    Net Neutrality your thoughts

    depends on how its structured? as it is you can walk into an Internet cafe and purchase limited connections for a small fee.. if what they are proposing is the same, as in, what I pay now is the "unlimited" tier and others can pay much less for something like facebook and e-mail access...
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    What what, a Paris Hilton motogp team

    Paris Hilton is and always has been extremely under appreciated, from what I've seen she's sweeter than home made apple pie.. :moon:
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    proper foot gear for street riding (09 Hayabusa)

    you know you're ridin when your boots wear out.. :thumbsup:
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    Look whos in town †WÃ￾§†ëD

    he said a "little" mishap, yup it was a minor 120 mph lowside into some nice volcanic kitty litter in Death Valley.. "and they walked away" sheesh, I rode away... :beerchug: that was an epic ride too, speedking(turbo cbrXX) motorhead(debut of the "ghetto kit") fulltilt(turbo busa)...
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    10 reasons why the Busa is King.

    I think now that the Busa has succumbed to the liter bikes in the HP and top speed wars the Busa takes top spot the category it initially set out to achieve, a fast, efficient and very comfortable sport touring bike, not to mention its exclusive styling.. the Busa got caught up in the...
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    Look whos in town †WÃ￾§†ëD

    what ever happened to Kentmoto? Kent, I did Seca with him and a bunch of others, Weaverville, got some nice Busa roads in the Trinities.. I kinda fell off after we lost Bog a year later on a seca weekend, and then pretty much a year to the day later we lost FlyingSwan during Bogs memorial ride...
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    Look whos in town †WÃ￾§†ëD

    thanks man, I lurk around from time to time... :laugh:
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    Does anyone here understand how our nation was formed?

    I keep waiting for an administration thats intent on changing absolutely nothing, just to see if what we currently have in place actually works? ???