zoo wall was too short around tiger

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    Thursday, December 27, 2007Zoo director: Tiger enclosure wall too short

    Thursday, December 27th 2007, 4:59 PM

    SAN FRANCISCO - The director of the zoo where a teenager was killed by an escaped Siberian tiger acknowledged Thursday that the wall around the animal's enclosure was 12 1/2 feet - well below the height recommended by the main accrediting agency for the nation's zoos.

    According to the Association of Zoos & Aquariums, the minimum recommended height for tiger exhibit walls is 16.4 feet.

    San Francisco Zoo Director Manuel A. Mollinedo said safety inspectors had examined the wall and never raised red flags about its size.

    "When the AZA came out and inspected our zoo three years ago, they never noted that as a deficiency," Mollinedo said. "Obviously now that something's happened, we're going to be revisiting the actual height."

    On Wednesday, Mollinedo said that the wall was 18 feet high, and that the moat around the tiger's pen was 20 feet wide.

    On Thursday, Mollinedo said the moat was 33 feet wide.

    Investigators have yet to say how the 300-pound tiger got out of the pen. But based on the initial estimates of the height of the wall, animal experts expressed disbelief that a tiger in captivity could make such a spectatular leap.

    The accrediting association did not immediately return calls for comment Thursday about the height of the wall
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    Just saw a LAWYER on Fox News saying the Tiger ONLY  [​IMG]   went after the 3 boys who had been taunting him earlier [​IMG] . Ya got to be kidding [​IMG] , now we have a Tiger Legal Fund starting  [​IMG] ? Only in San Fran, the True HOME of ALL Nut Cases [​IMG]
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    You got that right!!

  4. runeight

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    I just read this myself.

    Thank you.

    Johnny Cochron Jr.
  5. DaCol.

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    Uhhhhhhhhhhhh, a voice from the Grave  [​IMG]

    But if anyone could do it, Well  [​IMG] , I know a LAWYER could [​IMG]
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    the whole thing is funny.

    Funny that they dont think a tiger could clear a 12 ft fence

    Funny that they claim the tiger ONLY went for the ones who taunted him.

    Funny that, through all of this, it's the tiger's fault.

    Actually, the last part isn't funny, it's just sad. Sad that the zoo didnt take more precautions to keep the animal enclosed. Sad that they had to kill the tiger, and sad that a kid got eaten.

    I mean, our serval is 10% of the size of that tiger, and he'd have NO problem clearing a 10 ft fence.

    Ac Chris Rock said about the tiger that mauled Roy Horn: "That cat didn't go crazy - that cat went CAT"

    You cant fight instinct.
  7. rubbersidedown

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    Boy taunts tiger,tiger eats boy. Oh well.

    I've been to zoo's and aquariums and have witnessed obnoxious rude little pukes pounding on glass enclosures,throwing shid at dolfins etc etc .While they're equally fugged up parents do nothing at all.

    Shut down all the aquarium's,zoo's,circus's,rodeo's.

    I'm not positive [​IMG] ...but my guess is the animals don't really like being there.

    Thats just a guess thou. [​IMG]

  8. DaCol.

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    The part that is the problem, is that the 12 1/2 foot fence is AFTER clearing a 20 foot moat [​IMG]  . Do the math, that's one heck of a jump to clear 12 1/2 feet 20 FEET AWAY from your lift off point  [​IMG]
  9. Charlesbusa

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    I "heard" that there was a board or log or something that allowed the critter to transverse the moat. Probably came from the taunting teenagers...

    Hopefully kids in SFO will think twice next time before taunting a tiger, he just might eat you!
  10. cosmo

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    Final score: Tigers 3 Padres 0
  11. ozz

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    they said they found one of the dudes shoes in the moat so they did something that got the tiger out for dinner
  12. ibified

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    clearing a 20 ft moat and a 12 ft fence is an issue?   watch some vids of a tiger in the wild sometime.  That's NOT a big stretch....

    "Tigers: 3 Padres: 0"

    jesus, thats heartless man.  I almost pissed myself laughing so hard when i read that. [​IMG]

    The true irony here was that it was the TIGER that was going over a fence instead of the kids....
  13. dvdt

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    LOL, that reminds me of the line of death that Libya kept drawing back in the 80's

    Navy 3, Libya 0
  14. dvdt

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    "Here kitty kitty kitty..." (MUNCH)!!! [​IMG]
  16. BusaWizard

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    Too bad the Tiger had to die, it was beautiful. It was just doing what Tigers do, Predator vs. Prey, prey loses.
  17. motogp08

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  18. Projekt

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    Absolutely. [​IMG]

    Let this be a lesson to any other jackasses that choose to entertain their teenage friends by taunting an ALPHA predator. Jury is still out, but there is something to be said by the location of blood and personal effects belonging to the dead boy.
  19. ibified

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    One thing to consider about thos "moat" is that it was not filled with water, and according to the director was NEVER filled with water.

    True, a Tiger isn't something I would expect to jump that, but I dont doubt for a second that one could do it if annoyed enough. What people (especially the three teenagers) fail to realize is that this animal is one of the most perfect predators on land. Were it not for the shark, I'd go so far as to say they're the hands down most perfect predator on the planet. When taunted, they get angry. if someone pissed you off enough, and you could find a way, you wouldnt do anything different than the tiger did in this case. Well, except for those pesky "law" things, which tigers neither understand or are bound by.
  20. DaCol.

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    Tiger the most perfect predator  [​IMG] , Naaaaaaaa, MAN bets the Tiger or any other animal hands down as the best at KILLING  [​IMG]

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