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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by captain, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. captain

    captain Dis in my way! Staff Member Administrator

    Hey guys,
    I know that a lot of you are wanting hoodies and I have been trying to get the time to get some new artwork done and hoodies made but time is working against me.... I have had several members PM or email me to tell me that they wanted a couple of more hoodies and swratshirts just like what I did before and nothing more. I always want to make something that you and I can be proud of when you wear it. I have the artwork and screens ready for the attached artwork, nothing on the front or we can but something there too... Anyone interested in this specific hoodies or sweatshirts.?


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    Forgive me, but I forget what the cost was on these in a hoodie?  I've got 2 now, but I'd like to get some more.  The ones I have now, shrunk on me and are too small

    What other designs have ya got in mind?
  3. captain

    captain Dis in my way! Staff Member Administrator

    This is the artwork of the very first shirts we ever made, I get more request for this one than any other, we never made hoodies in this design..... I have also heard that folks just want a one color big kanji with on the back in one color.... Is thre anyone that would be interested in that ? The price for these are 20.00 plus shipping...

  4. big jim

    big jim Registered

    I would be interested in both styles. My only question is do you get them in sizes for a fat guy such as myself (4XL)?
  5. Projekt

    Projekt Registered

    I'm still waiting on the BRONSON hoodie I talked to you about as well as the JEBI GA/ NE ZNAM... In Bauhaus 93... I know you're busy, were you waiting on me for some kind of further information?
  6. PDBusa

    PDBusa who, me? Donating Member

    I like the original and own a few. I kinda like the Hayabusa Owners Group written in the front too. Maybe on the hoodies move it over the left boobie though? In the middle is great for shirts worn under gear because it can be seen with jacket open. Not many wear a hoodie under leather. [​IMG]
  7. captain

    captain Dis in my way! Staff Member Administrator

    I sent you an email weeks ago with that information, as a matter of fact it was the day after we spoke.... I can resend it.
  8. captain

    captain Dis in my way! Staff Member Administrator

    Yeah I would put anything small on the front over the left breast. (boobie for all you perverts)
  9. Rayabusa0818

    Rayabusa0818 Never Forgotten

    I would like to buy one...
  10. Rayabusa0818

    Rayabusa0818 Never Forgotten

    Boobie...hoodie under leather [​IMG]
  11. VaBusa

    VaBusa oRg Gal Staff Member Administrator

    I don't have a hoodie yet, but I'm interested in whatever you opt to do [​IMG]
  12. Projekt

    Projekt Registered

    PM sent.
  13. omslaw

    omslaw Michelle owns my Busa Staff Member Administrator

    Robin sez... Go for it!
  14. PDBusa

    PDBusa who, me? Donating Member

    oh, nevermind it says hoodie... [​IMG]
  15. VaBusa

    VaBusa oRg Gal Staff Member Administrator

    I don't know about you Hank...

    Did Hank ever get one of the PINK hoodies? [​IMG] Perhaps he'd like one...
  16. LadyHawk

    LadyHawk w00t!! Donating Member

    I like the Big Kanji idea... with the oRg on the left boobie.
    I have like 10 shirts and they all have the Haybusa Owner's Group on them... I'd like something different.

    But I'd want either one [​IMG]
  17. VaBusa

    VaBusa oRg Gal Staff Member Administrator

    I pretty much wear nothing but my Busa shirts anymore [​IMG]

    My friends think I don't have other clothing [​IMG]
  18. P-Willy

    P-Willy Registered

    +1 on both styles and the 4x. I would like a t shirt as well.
  19. loboboy

    loboboy Donating Member

    I have been waiting for these just let me know when they ar available and will send the funds.
  20. captain

    captain Dis in my way! Staff Member Administrator

    My closet looks like pee wee herman, remember in the movie when he opened his closet and everyhing was the same... I have more org shirts than anything else...

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