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Discussion in 'PashnitBusa.com' started by nickxxxr, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. nickxxxr

    nickxxxr Registered

    debating between the smoked led integrated tail light with a cut fender, or just getting the yani shinki undertail. do you guys have any pics installed of the undetail? preferably black? any pics would be awesome thanks
  2. Busa1166

    Busa1166 Donating Member

    I have it but I got it unpainted an had it painted, try and get the pic up for you soon I like it, I'd buy another if something happened to this one. Got from Pashnit and very good service and delivery from him. Nothing but positive experience from him.
  3. nickxxxr

    nickxxxr Registered

    thanks for advice. im still debating which to do, hence the question. i dont like the look of the cheap leds of lets say the hotbodies, but from the look of yani shinki, i may like this one. just wanted some installed pics before i made up my mind. thanks
  4. nickxxxr

    nickxxxr Registered

    anyone else with pics?
  5. pashnit

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    Here you go Nick. :thumbsup:





  6. pashnit

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  7. pashnit

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  8. nickxxxr

    nickxxxr Registered

    damn thank you, been looking around for a week couldnt find anything. i appreciate it. obviously if i decide to go for it ill be buying from you, if i dont get the led tail light which ill also buy off you lol. thanks
  9. BlueHaya

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    hot bodies...

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  10. pashnit

    pashnit Site Sponsor

    Then you came to the right place Nick. We have hundreds if not thousands of product photos archived. I've got 2-3x more photos of this undertail if you'd like to see more.

    Btw, Yana Shiki & Hot Bodies are very similar. Likely more so a style and looks decision on your part. Note the main difference between the two brands is HB is sold as a complete kit ready to install. YS model is sold as a two piece kit. You purchase the undertail first, then you have an optional Tail Light Integrator Module that you'll need if the bike is ridden on the street (vs track).

    As was mentioned you can also purchase unpainted models and do the paint yourself.
  11. rockethead

    rockethead Registered

    I have the HB undertail and from the pics seen on here the YS leds seem just as weak as the HB leds. they do look cool at night but i don't think its very visible during the day. I like the look of all the undertails , hell, anything looks better than the stock flap n turn signal monstrosity that the bike came with
  12. nickxxxr

    nickxxxr Registered

    i dont like the hot bodies because it looks flat in the back. the ys seems to flow more with the lines. no not more but it seems like a little bit. still debating.... i think ill end up going with it. it will prolly look better than a cut tail with led tail light
  13. AztecKanji

    AztecKanji Registered

    I like the looks of the Yana Shiki myself, are they any pics of it at night? They seem to be pretty dim in the daytime shots?
  14. DEMMYM

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    Best I can do for you.

    I can tell you this I got mine from Pashnit and I was very very happy with it


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  15. rockethead

    rockethead Registered

    i love that garage!! looks sweet man
  16. nickxxxr

    nickxxxr Registered

    sweet garage. hot bike. thanks. gonna be ordering in the next two weeks
  17. nickxxxr

    nickxxxr Registered

    Still debating... Can't decide. Does anyone have a pic from birds eye view? Like looking down above the hump? so i can see if the undertail follow the lines of the bike or if it just drops off? People said but i would like to see if possible?

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  18. nickxxxr

    nickxxxr Registered

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  19. nickxxxr

    nickxxxr Registered

    Gonna be buying next week. What are options on better lighting tho. Those leds @#%&. Are they the same as hotbodies can i replaced them with what people are using on those undertails?

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  20. SKECHE

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