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    How much faster than the Hayabusa (if any) do you guys think the new Yamaha YZF-R1 will be? It has dry weight of about 100 pounds less than the BUSA and produces 180 horsepower.


  2. pure_ego

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    you should just buy one, and then we'll all find out together...

    i'm sure it will probably be atleast 30mph faster than the hayabusa.
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  3. Haywood

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    If you like looking at the a$$ end of a 'busa, buy an R1.. tounge.gif
  4. Ononewheel

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    I have both. The bus eats the 04r1 in the straights, but the R1 hands the busa it's ass as soon a a turn in the road happens.
  5. monsterspeedfreak

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    Yeah the new R1 is waaaay faster, that is when it's not in the shop gettin a new motor whcich seems to be most of the time for them things lately.......how's yours OOW??

    That 180 rear wheel hp in a 370 lb bike (those are the specs aren't they wink.gif wink.gif ).......it must be absolutely insane......what's it top out at again.......oh yeah, bout 215mph isn't it, actually not that much faster than a Busa....they top out at 206 right.
    How can ya tell I'm in a sarcastic mood tonight???

    All jokin aside, I would expect what OOW says:
    Busa in the straights, R1 in the twisty stuff, that is unless yer an insane Busa pilot against a mediocre R1 pilot!!!

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  6. gcal

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    bottom line is busa is king of speed and r1 is a great track bike


    from what i read on your other post your a rookie????yes

    well then go and get a 600 and no bigger

    thank me later

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  7. BigBSBusa

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    Like everyone has said, 'Busa for straights and R1 for twisties. The lighter weight is great, but the overall bike performance of the 'Busa is still the top!
  8. BigDawg_03Busa

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    The R1 isn't faster than the Busa and the 180 hp has actually been averaging like 150-160 from what's been discussed on this board and others.  The R1 is "quicker" than the Busa as is the zx10 and gixxer1000.  But the GRUNT of the Busa makes up for that it's short coming in quickness (as compared).  That being said two riders of equal skill, one on a Busa the other on an R1.  Both leave, R1 jumps out in front say 3 lengths.  By 120mph the Busa's in front by 1-2 lengths......150 2-3 lengths....160 3-4 lengths...170 oops no more R1 a cross wind took da lil boy to Tacoma laugh.gif

    Naw seriously the R1 is a very fast bike, but there is one king of speed the Busa and close second is the green machine by Kawasucki!  Don't get me wrong the liter bikes have quickly closed the gap that used to exist and if ya slip your bunghole will be handed to you. Two different bikes for two different purposes.  Appropriate comparison is
    Busa vs zx12 vs CBR100XX and
    04 R1 vs zx10r vs CBR1000rr vs Gixxer1000.   I'd also ad amid all the liter bike hype, the Gixxer still reigns supreme in the AMA Superbike and it's definitely due for an upgrade in 05'. So as usual Yami & Kawi have created more hype to which has been their own demise. My .02


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  9. Ononewheel

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    The r1 does not make much power down low. When it comes on it does come on harder than any bike I've ever ridden before. You have to pay strict attention when killin some twisties on it because, if you get on the gas to hard coming out of a turn it picks the wheel up and sends you off the road. It requires much more throttle control than the busa. the brakes are PHENOMINAL. I have not had mine to the drag strip yet, but I will in due time. The bus is going with me this time.

    Hey MSF!! I have clocked 850 miles and have had not one warning of a problem. Break in is(has been) over and it hasn't blown up yet. all_coholic.gif Bonerific. One thing that dissapoints me about it is it power wheelies all the time, but when you want to do a long wheelie, it is extremely difficult. This is for two reasons, it is geared like an airplane, so going 50 in second leaves you out of the power and you have to force it up. Once you get the front up and you are looking for your balance point the power comes on like a two stroke and tries to get you off of it. I have yet to master this on the new R1 but give me time rabbit give me time.

  10. Jonny Hotnuts

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    I don’t understand why people try to compare HP numbers with the busa.

    Here is a simple fact:
    Long haul tractor trailers that are equipped with Detroit motors are making on average of 275- 350HP.

    So I suppose we could take the new Dodge Hemi and drop it into an 80K pound tractor and it would pull just fine right, I mean after all it is making around 345 HP?

    Well as much as I like the hemi, the truck would not roll 10 feet before the motor would blow rods and pistons out the bottom of the pan.

    It is because HP while important is only one factor. The reason the busa will kill a bike like the R1 and the zx 10 is because of Torque.

    While the stout Hemi is making 345 HP it is also just turning out about 350 foot-pounds of torque while the Detroit’s weak azz 275-300 HP chunking out up to 1650 fp of torque. This is why it can pull 80,000 pounds and not break a sweat.

    I can assure you that while all the bikes gunning for the busa and patting themselves on the back because their HP is almost to the busas need to also check the Torque of the two bikes.

    Suddenly the R1 does not seem so grand because it takes torque to accelerate. And while the busa is 100 pounds heaver the massive tractor like torque numbers the busa produces offset the weight making the busa the one out front in the 1/4 mile.

    Just my two cents.
    I really like the R1.
    Now how cool would it be to have an R1 with a busa motor.
    That would be a trip!
  11. monsterspeedfreak

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    Kill may be a strong word to use Johnny.....get caught sleeping, and they'll have little trouble with a STOCK Busa......rider difference is what it boils down too.
    True, the Busa has quite a bit more torque, but you also have to remember that the litre bikes are movin 100 less pounds of weight.
    The torque benefit the Busa has all but cancels itself out when yer dealing with a 390 lb 1000, due to it's 500lb wet weight!!!
    Most of the time, the Busa should come out on top, but not every time, that is till ya reach speeds over 140mph......Busa should pull hard about then.
    Oh yeah......I speak from experiance.......I've seen a few 1k's kissin my taillight (5 or 6 lengths back) on more than one occasion......they are no joke!!!
    R1 though......I've been with a couple now.....not 04's mind you....03's......Busa does gobble em up bad in the straights!!
  12. Jonny Hotnuts

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    And for further reading on why the busa will beat up the bikes with close HP and less torque read the last issue of "Super Streetbikes" article "GSXR 1000 Vs. Busa in the 1/4 mile"
    It explains what I just said with all the facts.

    Example from mag:
    GSXR was making 178 hp (with tons of tweaking and aftermarket parts) and 84 fp torque
    Busa was making 169 hp (just a few parts) and 105 fp torque.

    And you might guess it the less HP and heavier Busa still kicked the crap out of the GSXR 1k.
  13. Jonny Hotnuts

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    I agree with you MSF, but it would go for anyone caught sleeping. I was just making a point of why HP is not the only factor in the game.
  14. unIVgvn

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    i would guess that the busa is lower and longer,the torque is
    more manageable than a liter bike,and it doesnt matter how
    much power to weight advantage you have if you cant get the power to the ground.sometimes in drag racing the weight helps you with your launch.
  15. WWJD

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    isn't buying a 'track ready' liter bike like getting an F1 car to commute with?
  16. Ononewheel

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    Exactly the problem, yes it may be the most bad ass thing I have ever ridden but it sacrafices alot to be so good at what it is designed for.

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