Why is a sport bike better than a harley?

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by Travis England, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Travis England

    Travis England Registered

    Okay I thought this might be fun....Lets gather up all the reasons why a sport bike is better that a harley :cheerleader: anything goes...keep in mind we are not just compairing a hayabusa to a harley because thats just not fair we all know hayabusa is the best bike period...I will start

    1. I have a storage compartment under my seat not a box of greasy tools

    lol this might get good ....and if you must just to be fair why is a harley better:laugh::rofl::lol:
  2. mikelr

    mikelr Registered

    Well I had a V-rod before buying my Busa and all it had under the seat was a gas tank!! Very reliable bike but quintessentially the Anti-Harely...
  3. Travis England

    Travis England Registered

    Okay its been like 3 minutes I have to put up another reason

    2. sport bikes are better than harley because the girls that ride on them don't have saggie boobie and they have all their teeth :lol:
  4. Travis England

    Travis England Registered

    Okay one more then I have to go to bed...

    3. going to the gym is like riding a harley all the bikes are stationary:rofl:
  5. mikelr

    mikelr Registered

    Busa's are better then Harely's because they don't break the bank!!:banana:
  6. Travis England

    Travis England Registered

    Okay got a couple more

    4. If you own a sport bike an oil change doesn't cost 300 dollars
    5. I can maneuver easier
    6. I can take corners better
    7. I can go faster
    8. I can do the speed limit on the interstate in first gear :lol:
    9. My bike doesn't look the same as the other 3 billion black harleys
    10. my feet and hands don't go numb from the vibration
  7. Ybatx

    Ybatx Registered

    Sport bikes are for speed and agility.
    Scooters are for close commuting.
    Harleys are for... show.
  8. lankeeyankee

    lankeeyankee Banned

    Sport bikes dont have to carry a couple of qaurts of oil on long road trips
  9. schroetf

    schroetf Donating Member

    why is an apple better than an orange ?
  10. E Zurcher

    E Zurcher Registered

    Sport bikes work!
  11. BoostCreep

    BoostCreep Registered

    After tons of money and modification, I'm not cruising in to the hangout spot to brag about my now achieved 100whp...

    GNBRETT Registered

    a Harley is actually worth something after you drive it for a few years and get sick of it and sell it.....:whistle: which is more then I can say for most sport bikes. Harleys hold their value.
  13. GsxrBots

    GsxrBots Motorboatin' Moonpies, Gangnam Style Registered

    One reason. Umbrella girls...

  14. kromdom

    kromdom wannabe HOON Donating Member

    You're new here and may not know that a few Busa owners also ride Harleys. I have been here for a few years and have come to expect the regular Harley bashing (jokingly or not). In case you suspected, yes I do have a Harley (pic below is my 3rd). Having owned both sportbikes and Harleys for the past 20+ years now, IMHO neither is better than the other :thumbsup:

  15. Travis England

    Travis England Registered

    Okay thats fine u ride a harley thats why i said if u could think of a reason that your harley is better please feel free to inform us
  16. jellyrug

    jellyrug Donating Member

    LOL Kromdom, I own a Harley as well and enjoy it, but for the life of me cannot figure out why. I guess it is like comparing a Porche to a Pick-Up truck when it comes to comparing a Busa to a Harley, but then when it comes to the Harley class, there are more options available such as BMW, or Goldwings for those who enjoy a convertible car on two wheels. For the latter, their motors, suspension and brakes are in a totally different class, compared to Harley.

    Harley sells better than anything else, even in Japan, so the motor company is doing what is right for its shareholders. But, I'm just a simple Engineer and if I look at the technology that goes into a Harley, I still shake my head. Yet, I enjoy riding mine, there is just something special about them.

    As far as service and reliability goes, I will do a complete 5,000 mile service on the Harley, everything in the book, in less time than it takes to do an oil filter change on a GenII Busa. Harley seems to have sorted that out pretty well.
  17. mr8ball

    mr8ball Registered

    Even though HD are dominating the NHRA Pro Stock world I don't really care for them. I don't think they have a street bike that can run with the busa and are way to pricy for my taste. For some reason most of the people that ride them think the world revolves around them. Now I cant blame the bike for that but if you talk to the same people when not on or around the bikes they are really different people. Or, Maybe its just me they don't like:laugh:
  18. E Zurcher

    E Zurcher Registered

    I think it's funny when folks say Harleys hold their value. If you pay 27000 for a bike and sell it 5 years later for 21,000, did it hold its value more than paying 13000 for a sport bike and selling it for 7000. On a percentage yes but in real world dollars in my wallet no!

    We have a hard over Harley rider in our office (It's the only bike and all others suck) and I can say I have over 19000 miles on my bike in 2 years and he has less than 10000 on his. So far he has had his shifter pedal fall off, had to deactivate the automatic shut down of the rear cylinder due to pinging (they couldn't fix it), had it remapped twice for altitude and had to replace a sensor on the primary because it was leaking oil. So far on my bike its been oil and tires and air filter without a hiccup. Besides, I can go really, really fast!:laugh:

    I was seriously considering a brand new Ultra Classic for two up riding with the wife and am now considering a BMW or Used Gold wing due to the problems he's had. Although one might consider them minor, I think if you spend that much, it should run perfectly.
  19. GsxrBots

    GsxrBots Motorboatin' Moonpies, Gangnam Style Registered

    They dominate their own class, isn't that about it? Ricky Gadson races against HD's???
  20. Travis England

    Travis England Registered

    You do realize that they give harley almost twice the displacement of a jap bike and add weight to the jap bikes as well just to give them a chance...I would like to see someone go buy some aftermarket parts and build a 600 HP harley and ride it through city traffic :lol:

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