Who lives on a dirt road?... and

Discussion in 'General Bike Related Topics' started by I Love My Wife, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. I Love My Wife

    I Love My Wife Registered

    Linden, Mi
    and is it the worst thing ever?

    We found a house that we would like to buy, it's great except it's in the middle of a 1 mile stretch of dirt. I lived on one while at home, but didn't have a bike, so I thought I'd see what you all with first hand experience would say.

    So, is it the worst thing ever, or is something you get used to?
  2. RYC1966

    RYC1966 Donating Member

    If you have to go slow till you get to the main road that is what you have to do...the house is more important than a 10 minute delay when your on your bike...atleast you won't have people speeding past your house if you are out in the country...it is what it is
  3. Rainbow7

    Rainbow7 Registered

    Sydney, Australia
    Does it snow or rain excessively in that area? That's all I would be thinking about.
  4. Busa Brian

    Busa Brian Registered

    Middletown,New Jersey
    I live on a dirt road currently if you are anal like I am about keeping your car and bike clean it will annoy you, other than that no problems...
  5. I Love My Wife

    I Love My Wife Registered

    Linden, Mi
    The house seems likie it's a GREAT fit and I think I could handle living on the dirt and riding the bike.

    I would have a offer on it now, if it wasn't 5 minutes from my inlaws... love'em but they like to smother us and get mad if we hang out with others.
  6. RMS2005

    RMS2005 Registered

    On 18 Wheels... S Texas
    i dont live on one but a friend does. when i go to his house its nice and slow just cause i gotta clean my bike if I see a speck on it. that said, its honestly not bad at all to ride on though and this road is pretty loose.
  7. HillbillyTom

    HillbillyTom Donating Member

    Republic, Missouri
    I grew up a mile down a back woods dirt road. I moved away from there when I was 18, and swore I'd never live on a dirt road again. So far, in 36 years, I've kept that promise to myself.
    The dirt roads here (most all are paved now) are rough, rocky affairs that will poke a hole in a sport tire in no time. Lots of loose gravel and dust. I've rode on them many times in the past, and a good dirt bike background is practically a must. Was riding old school standards on 4 ply bias tires then too, be a hard go on something like a Hayabusa with Powers, Q2s, or 016s.
    If the road your looking to be living on is anything like the ones here, your wife that you love is going to hate it. The dust creeps in everywhere in the summer when it's dry. Every car that goes by puts up a huge cloud that settles on everything, no matter how tight you keep the place sealed up. Dusting is a constant, never ending chore.
    Clean car/truck, forget it. Mud and dirt cakes up everywhere underneath, and no matter how much you wash it, you'll never get it all out. Dust fills the interior, set something on the carpet and a cloud of dust poofs up, same with cloth seats. If the road is smooth like pavement you may escape the rattles. A rough graded dirt road will shake a car (especially the new, flimsier built ones) to pieces in just 2-3 years. Squeaks and rattles will be so common you won't even notice them anymore.
    Do what you want, but even after all these years, you couldn't pay me enough to live on an unpaved road.
  8. hillbilly

    hillbilly Registered

    Williamstown WV
    I will never ever live on a dirt road again. Nuff said.
  9. RussellJ

    RussellJ Rick Rollin' Registered

    Tallahassee, FL
    You could put gravel down or pave it yourself eventually? That's what I would do if i loved the house.
  10. chrisjp

    chrisjp GM of Haya's in the Hills Donating Member

    only thing i hate is the dust and how much gets into the house...kills the electronics...if its far enough back from the road ...great...country is always good
  11. I used to live on a gravel road. Had about a mile of it to get to the paved road. I won't do it again.
  12. jphilipson

    jphilipson Registered

    Don't live on a dirt road, but have ridden on many. Longest one I recall was 90 miles :laugh:. Unless you care about getting your bike dirty, you will get used to riding on it. It may be slicker as well in the rain and snow depending on the road. Is it well groomed or sketchy?

    TIMMYDUCK Head Woodchuck Donating Member

    The 14Th State ---- VERMONT
    Yes I do and yes it sucks .
  14. brpo

    brpo Registered

    Haymarket, Va.
    Buy the house - get a big azz enduro and turn the dirt into a selling point...
  15. Ludicrous Speed

    Ludicrous Speed Registered

    Southern IL
    200 yards of gravel from my house to the main road. It sucks.

    I was the type of guy that washed his cars at lesat once a week if not more.

    I don't even bother anymore. My cars get filthy just from sitting now.

    When I take the bike somewhere, I have to stop and clean the wheels off before I get there, as they will be filthy
  16. Superjustin13

    Superjustin13 Registered


    This would be a big, big no for me. I would be worried about them being over every day and "smothering" me too much. I'm an adult and i like my space. That's a huge red flag for me. :grim::grim:
  17. I bet my road has been worse than anyones here.

    i have had to slide sideways through 6" of mud, tires in different tracks just to get home from 6500mi rides, pushed through a foot of snow for 100yds to go ride on New Years day.
    i dust once a week. my bike isn't always clean. my jeep never is. my wifes vehicle stays amazingy clean(donno how).

    privacy is awesome. this is MY ROAD! i wanna name it after me. i plow it, i put gravel and rotomill on it, it's my drive (well i do share with 2 neighbors).
    i know if someone drives down my drive, they either know where they are going or they are lost.
    i love where i live, and wouldn't trade it for anything.

    don't let a dirt road detur you!
    inlaws on the other hand...:whistle: that's a whole other thread!:laugh:

    Merry Christmas :rudolph:
  18. gmartin73

    gmartin73 Registered

    ocala, fl
    never lived on a dirt road, but my parents had a long dirt driveway growing up. my parent always drove p.o.s. cars so it didnt matter to them but when i got my own cars i hated it. couldnt keep a car clean at all.
  19. C-Dog

    C-Dog Formerly cuderdog Registered

    Wesley Hills, N.Y.
    After a rainy day I spun my rear tire in some mud....you would not believe where that will shoot mud...picking it out of the Stator was the easiest part. ...But privacy is great!
  20. andrewb1369n

    andrewb1369n Registered

    I live on a 2 mile stretch before i hit pavement and its not bad as long as you go slow I generally do 15-25 with my legs dangling on each side to feel the road. It takes a little extra time but its not bad. It does require more frequent chain lubing and cleaning but its not bad.

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