what's the best spark plug to use?

Discussion in 'Engine and Performance mods' started by eaglebusa, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. eaglebusa

    eaglebusa Registered

    l'm looking to gain better mileage results, without sacrifising power of course. i am currently getting between 12-15 Km/L (28-35 mpg) i think i should be able to do better than that.
    I recently installed a power commander, which DID give me a little bit of a gain, but not much.

    Any other tips?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. Wag

    Wag Evil Demon Busa Rider Donating Member

    From everything I've ever heard, the stock CR9E's are the best for a stock motor.

  3. solarbarack

    solarbarack Donating Member

    NGK IX iridium part #3521. The old part # is CR9EIX. These are the best plugs for the busa in my opinion. Some will argue it isn't worth the money for them though. I think they where like 4 to 6 dollars a piece at autozone.
  4. TurboSN95

    TurboSN95 Registered

    I run the Iridiums, I noticed the bike likes to start a little easier. Plus they will outlast the stock style plug, well worth the $20 in my book.
  5. Commuta_Busa

    Commuta_Busa Donating Member

    use less throttle, keep your revs low, loose weight, do whatever you want to reduce frictional losses, lower CdA.
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  6. jch364

    jch364 Registered

    I just use stock. have for 30k miles now. never used the irridium plugs. seems too expensive considering how often the manual says to change them.
  7. rubber2burn

    rubber2burn Donating Member

    Any of the NGK series are good plugs to use it really just depend on the kind of money you want to spend
  8. omslaw

    omslaw Michelle owns my Busa Staff Member Administrator

    I've used both the NGK plugs; the OEM and the Iridium. One thing I did notice with the Iridium plugs, is that my fuel economy dropped. Went back to the OEM and MPG went back up. FWIW...just my [​IMG]
  9. rubber2burn

    rubber2burn Donating Member

    I thought the OEM Plugs were NGK's?
  10. omslaw

    omslaw Michelle owns my Busa Staff Member Administrator

    They are.

    I was trying to say that my fuel economy dropped when I switched to the NGK CR9EIX (Iridium). When I went back to the NGK CR9E (OEM), fuel economy went back up.
  11. shean1

    shean1 Registered

    Upshift as soon as reasonably possible, try to get up into 3,4,5,6 gears ASAP.
    Also, when coming to stop signs or traffice lights try not to down shift were it requires higher revs, to keep from locking the rear wheel...

    No full race downshifts....
  12. omslaw

    omslaw Michelle owns my Busa Staff Member Administrator

    Hmmm - I usually downshift... I like hearing the sound of the exhaust [​IMG]
  13. onedownfiveup

    onedownfiveup Donating Member

    Get your power commander tuned for your bike and explain to the tuner that you'd like better fuel economy in cruising areas.
  14. mountainmotor

    mountainmotor Donating Member

    Stock plugs .

    If thats all the MPG you can get at steady state hi-way cruise then check air-filter , reset the TPS through the PC software , resend the map in max resolution then start trimming the table numbers at throttle position and RPM you cruise at. If it's a hi-miler check valve clearance and run a double dose of Techron though the tank .

    I have modified 200RWHP engine that gets over 50mpg in the cruise RPM range , 6th gear . Stock engines in excellent tune can do it as well .
  15. big coop

    big coop Registered

    NGK CR9ek Dual Electrodes. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  16. Vic_E55_2001

    Vic_E55_2001 Donating Member

    are you sure you not running on 3 cylinder because you forgot to secure 4th wire when you changed your plugs? [​IMG]

    there is no way your mileage dropped just because you installed IR plugs.
  17. bigoltool

    bigoltool Registered

    If you are looking to get significantly better mileage from a set of plugs look elsewhere. Synthetic Lubricants are a no brainer, Aftermarket air filter, Synch throttel bodies, proper tire inflation, chain tension etc. Take care of the fundamentals before you go to extremes.
  18. Powers739

    Powers739 Donating Member

  19. Powers739

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  20. 071300r

    071300r Registered

    shift at 4000 rpm and you will see 42 mpg (with a k-n and a modded air box and yosh slip ons and a double bubble and pair valve removed with stock plugs)

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