What a difference HID's make

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  1. captain

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    Tonight several of us met at Hooters to have dinner and after we were looking at the bikes. One 08 had low beam HID and the other stock, both had factory high beam. The bike with the HID also has his turn signals set up as running lights and aftermarket mirrors that have turn signals, it made a huge difference in visibility. Here is a couple of pics....

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  2. captain

    captain Dis in my way! Staff Member Administrator

    low beam only

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    MC MUSTANG Peace Keeper or Ban Hammer; it's up to you... Administrator Donating Member

    Pretty dramatic! Nice to see a comparission shot...

    GIXERHP ok, ok...just a wee bit Irish... Donating Member

    Now thats a selling pic! [​IMG]
  5. kennym4

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    Is it me, or does the 08's front look just like it's rear ?   in that pic.

    I love those runing lights !
  6. rockadaous

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    two of the best mods in my opinion [​IMG] look'n good capt'n
  7. tegbusa

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    I want one so bad.
  8. tray

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  9. Ezduzit

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  10. GSXcite

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    HID is the best $$ I spent on my bike no question! [​IMG]
  11. PaceMaster

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    Thanks Cap--- probably the best mod one can do-- being seen is priceless
  12. NPD3507

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    Where is a good place to order these HID headlight kits at?
  13. raydog

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    ZenonKing...one of our board sponsors...wait till you install, then have to ride home at midnight on a mountain road...indescribable. Raydog
  14. Powers739

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    I can't tell you how much I actually use mine, I almost didn't do the mod thinking I wasn't going to ride much at night, but I was wrong. I love the HID's, they make a world of difference. The blinker mod is cool as well. I have enjoyed both.

    5k Hi and Lo...
  15. goodluck

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  16. crepitus

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    might I ask what ones you guys got?
  17. SHADiGUY1

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    i have 6k low and 8k hi

    BIKE DUDE Donating Member

    I want to do this but I've heard a few horror stories about having to mod the socket with a washer or grommet or something. I want a plug and play set up.
  19. crepitus

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    i was more wanting to know what brand to go with? who sells the kits?
  20. NPD3507

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    I was told Phillips or mcCulloh....

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