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Discussion in 'Turbo' started by bluesilver, Jul 18, 2008.

  1. bluesilver

    bluesilver Registered

    G'Day, I am new to Turbos and I just have a question regarding water injection and intercoolers.

    What are the difference between them and how do they effect the turbo?

    I have ben looking at some kits and they have listed water injection as an extra or a intercooler as an extra.

    I was trying to get the Busa to run at about 260-280hp on pump fuel.
    Also not too sure what engine mods i will need to do to run this hp.

    Any information on any of these questions is appreciated.
  2. texas-buzzard

    texas-buzzard Registered

    Water injection and intercoolers basically serve the same function, that is to cool the incoming charge from the turbo. This lowers the combustion chamber temp. which helps prevent detonation. The higher the boost the higher the temp. of the charge. They are both good safeguards for boost pressure over 6 lbs.
  3. Commuta_Busa

    Commuta_Busa Donating Member

    intercooler never run out, as long as you're moving it's cooling the charged air.
  4. bluesilver

    bluesilver Registered

    Ok, Thanks.

    As I am planing ro run about 260-280hp on pump fuel Would the boost be over the 6lbs and be in the need for an intercooler?

    Still trying to work my way through this.
    also why I am here is there any such kit that i can get for the hp that I am after?
    I basically want a kit with everthing I need, cut to lenght ready to bolt on.
    I am also planing of running a full exhust (no dump pipe)

    Any information appreciated.
  5. boosted

    boosted Registered

    Go water injection it's an easier install, it's cheaper, you won't have issues with your tire rubbing your intercooler, you'll run hot if your not moving at least 40 mph {intercooler blocks airflow to the radiator},I check my small tank every other fuel fill up and it normally still has plenty of h2o in it still. You should be good with 6-8 lbs of boost on a stock motor and with a spacer plate 9-11 with H2o injection. You may be able to run more boost with an intercooler {12-15 lbs} but at those boost levels your going to make 300+ HP and you'll have to build your engine to handle the extra power and torque. Anyway your going to love BOOOOOOSSSSSSTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. bluesilver

    bluesilver Registered

    Ok, Thanks, some good info there.
    No other engine work needed on 6-8lbs boost on a stock motor runing pump fuel other than the spacer plate and water injection?

    Thanks again.
  7. boosted

    boosted Registered

    If you stay at 6 lbs you really don't need the spacer but it's added protection and you'll be able to run a little more boost which equals more HP. If you're going to make any long pulls with a turbo bike I'd run H2o injection and a little bit of c-16 mixed with my pump fuel... To answer your question you should be ok with your stock engine to 290 hp with the exception of heavy duty clutch springs.
  8. OZBooster

    OZBooster Registered

    Fuel quality over here is a bit variable, lots of guys have killed motors on 8psi some on 6 , tuning is an issue too, turbo kits are spread far and wide, not many tuning shops get more than 1 to do and end up pluging in a tuning link or aim too lean or just load for too long, end result is always the same....
  9. BrianK

    BrianK Registered

    get a dl32 a lc1 and tune it yourself. the graphs innovate uses mirrors the power commander graphs and makes tuning easy. just take your time and be careful
  10. rocketgeezer

    rocketgeezer Registered

    Sounds like you should put the spacer on and keep it under 8lbs boost it should live on pump gas with that, when your ready post back and one of us will fix you up with a starter map
  11. bluesilver

    bluesilver Registered

    Thanks for all the info.
    Great advice.
    Now just have to find the best kit avaliable and where to get it from as i am from Australia.
    Have tolook at customs and see what they will charge me to bring one in.

  12. boosted

    boosted Registered

    I prefer Velocity, but the install and tune is the most important. [​IMG]
  13. fstbusa

    fstbusa orange peel is caused by excessive speed Donating Member

    if you get it tuned right it should survive just fine at 7 lbs with stock compression if you're not doing many top end runs. I've been running 7lbs with water inj and stock compression for 4 yrs and haven't had a hiccup yet. Tuned by motorhead. If I ever plan to do top end runs I will put c-16 in it.
  14. Mr Bogus

    Mr Bogus Trouble Makers Inc. Donating Member

    You get what you pay for on these systems... "Most" high dollar systems have more time and engineering involved. They tend to be more reliable and safer to run..

    i would suggest you speak with an "experienced" installer (commercial) They will know most of the horror stories and issues with a kit (DIY or installed)

    The information you get from them is invaluable. You can get single opinions from guys that have 1 or 2 kits or you can get a guy that has installed dozens of them and has to deal with the owners later down the road with any problems.

    Not discounting the end users but they often have less than full knowledge of what is available... just because you can afford to buy a system, does not necessarily make you an expert on what you have or what might be out there that might work better.

    Do take your time and ask around... could save you some pretty pricey engine work later down the road..
  15. Busa1166

    Busa1166 Donating Member

    Have u done a dyno run like before or after? Does the the 6lb -8lbs get you 265 -280 range I'm really just looking for a little edge not a pure racebike that hp range sounds sweet. Been dreaming of a turbo since I got the bike.
  16. Mr Bogus

    Mr Bogus Trouble Makers Inc. Donating Member

    6-8lbs will yield about a 50% increase in torque.. (and the ratio drops from there)
  17. bobq31

    bobq31 Registered

    goto e85fuel.com, find a pump in your area, and fill with that. I like it better than c-16 for two reasons. It's 3.69 a gallon here in utah. It burns cooler. So if you have a power commander and some room on your map to get a little more fuel to it then you'll love it too. Plus, they calim 105+ octane but it's really about 110 here with they mix we are getting.
  18. cdhoroho

    cdhoroho Registered

    problem with that is it takes 30-33% more fuel to make the right a/f ratio for e85
    that means having to get injectors that are 30% larger
    stoich on pump fuel is 14.1:1
    and 9.5:1 (or somewhere around there)
  19. boosted

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    My 08 busa on 8 lbs made 284 hp. At 20 lbs it made 443hp and 276 torque. [​IMG] Built engine spacer plate gt 25/30 turbo. 6th gear power wheelies at 150 mph...LOL

    BIKE DUDE Donating Member

    Good luck with this. Be real precise with all the details or else. Here of guys burning up their motors.

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