Want to borrow / rent BBSmith ECU interface

Discussion in 'Dyno Kings' started by SGVridgerunner, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. SGVridgerunner

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    I just picked up the CO2 kit from Cycle-tek, and I want to start running it, but I can't find any tuners in the Nor Cal area who have a Boost by Smith ECU editor for gen 1. Are there any .org members who will let me borrow/rent it real quick to set up my kill time? I'd buy the interface myself, but I will be installing an AEM stand-alone in a month.

  2. SGVridgerunner

    SGVridgerunner Registered

    no one?!?!?!?! Is anyone even running ECUeditor? Does anyone know of a tuner in Nor Cal that has one?
  3. dadofthree

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    PM smithabusa , that's the best I can do for you. Sry
  4. SGVridgerunner

    SGVridgerunner Registered

    Thanks, yeah his is the unit I'm looking for, just trying to find someone in Nor Cal with it. I'd have already bought it by now if I wasn't switching to the AEM ECU in August.

    I really wan to run this shifter this month as I try to break the 9's on my stock motor (rebuilding in August).

    Can anyone help?

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