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Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by Don Hardcastle, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. Don Hardcastle

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    As many of you probably know N. Korea has had a 2 stage long range ICBM sitting on the launch pad for a month or so. Amidst warnings from several nations globally, the missle was launched today. Fortunately the launch was a failure, the missle broke up shortly after launch over the Sea of Japan. Guys and gals, the N. Koreans with this capability and them ignoring the nations of the world could very well spell out a bad time in the near future.
  2. Warputer

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    I agree with that ! Not lookin' too bright over there !
  3. BigBSBusa

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    We shouldn't underestimate the North Koreans, but we also should not overestimate them. They have a couple ICBMs, but that's it. There artillery and armor is not much of anything and their ground forces aren't much either. Again, not to underestimate them, especially when we are spread so thin, but . . .
  4. GMbusa

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  5. bigoltool

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    Suppose it broke up on its own? Or did it have help? Heard the us was going to "test out" there anti missile system on it if a launch was attempted. I watched a show the other night about Money. They were showing these "supernotes" $100US bills that were being made and circulated by the Figgin North Koreans! They are of such high quality that they are practically imperceptible to the human eye. These guys just don't know when to quit!
  6. Warputer

    Warputer Father of 4=Madness Donating Member

    This "is" true .....I read the same thing .
  7. bigoltool

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    Lil bastids timed em to coincide with the shuttle launch too! [​IMG]
  8. StuckInBaghdad

    StuckInBaghdad Donating Member

    Crazy bastids, sounds like job security for me! (still not good though)
  9. Warputer

    Warputer Father of 4=Madness Donating Member

    Definetly ! Iraq , Afghanistan , N.Korea , Iran and lets not forget the crap between Isreal and it's little neighbor . Oh yeah , almost forgot the B.S. going on in Somalia !
    Geeez ! U.S. Army might be calling me back before too long .
  10. MN72Busa

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    Thanks for sharing the news...sorta strange Im getting global political news from Kim Jong Is a complete wack-job.

    And on the 4th of July, its a good reminder that Freedom is Never Free.
  11. TALYN

    TALYN Donating Member

    How about another Korea? We have already been there and it was not pretty then...
  12. Charlesbusa

    Charlesbusa Used to be a SoCal Busa Donating Member

    I heard it was a test launch, it wasn't aimed at anyone. Still not good, but a test is a test.
  13. hydrabusa

    hydrabusa Donating Member

    N.Korean, is become a pain in the neck...we just (S.Korean) pouring the food on their tables, all the time and try to peace with them, but they don't want to do that...they are really gangster minded, hardheads...around that area... [​IMG]
  14. FastBusa

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  15. Col_Mustard

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  16. gsferrari

    gsferrari Registered

    I remain neutral in all these discussions.

    Why should they obey the mandate of other countries? They have an agenda of their own and they choose to carry it simple as that. USA tried to impose sanctions on India because of India's nuclear program - all failed and USA ended up in cooperation with India.

    My point is - nobody has the authority to demand obedience from anybody else. If it comes to war - it comes to war.

    If North Korea has evaluated the consequences and is comfortable with it's decision - that is their problem. When it becomes our problem - we will simply plough through them and teach them a lesson.

    Everyone learns in the end...

    I just feel sorry for our troops...they deserve a break.

    Can a non US Citizen serve? Gimme a long pole with a sharp end and a Busa and i'll ride through any mofo that raises his weapon at my Frank Thomas leathers...
  17. Don Hardcastle

    Don Hardcastle Busa Ridin' Sailor (ret) Donating Member Registered

    Busa Jousting

    Now that freakin' Rocks.

  18. DaCol.

    DaCol. D' Colonel Donating Member

    It's now 6 missles fired, 5 short range scud type successfully and one long range that lasted 40 sec ! The point is they tryed, and as you know, if you try and try, you will eventually succeed !  Me, my opinion is Iran is a MUCH BIGGER problem the North Korea (Glad we're next door to them). We should let China and Japan handle Korea since their missles have to pass over their territory. But Europe better open their eyes about Iran and in a Hurry. Not only are they close to getting Nuc weapons, but they WILL use them [​IMG]
  19. gsferrari

    gsferrari Registered

    This reminds me of the movie "Crimson Tide" all over again...

    Excellent movie...terrible reality...

    JINKSTER I Love my Wife! Donating Member

    imho?'s nuth'in more than sabre rattl'in..with NK looking for more international payola to constrain themselves to less than a global projection super-power...and shot down or not?..the bottom line is it never made it past the sea of japan...a failure...and if we allow the failures of others to influence us?...well....let's just say that "that" wouldn't be anything to be proud of...besides...even if NK did have a solid nuke icmb?...they'd be suicidal fools to ever truely administer NK is about 1/2 the size of the state of good hit from us and their entire nation would be glowing for eternity. LOL!

    L8R, Bill. [​IMG]

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