Verizon Scam - Security and Backup Bundle/50 GB

Discussion in 'Random Thoughts' started by AJAY, Nov 16, 2011.

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    Just a warning to my fellow oRgsters. If you have Verizon internet service, check your bill and see if you are being charged for "Security and Backup Bundle". Major scam (IMO).

    I get my Verizon bill electronically and it flows directly to my bank. I have to approve payment, but it's so easy, that I usually just click pay full amount and off it goes. Today I actually opened a bill and reviewed it to find "10/1 10/31 Security and Backup Bundle/50 GB" with a $10 per month charge associated with it. Evidently, this provides you with antivirus protection plus 50GB of backup storage all for the bargain price of $10 a month!

    Except I already have AV software on all my computers and I have a home network server with 2 TB of storage (really cool, access it anywhere).

    A little web searching reveals that Verizon slipped this charge to a lot of people's accounts and is a source of major anger on the internet.

    I called Verizon and learned that this was added to my account back in March 2011. They initially told me they could reverse the charges back 3 months. I thanked the representative for her help, told her it was nothing against her, but asked for a supervisor. I was able to get them to credit all charges by asking politely while insisting that I never agreed to this service and never used this service. The first 3 months were "free trial", so I got the last 6 months credited for $60. The supervisor handled it professionally and more or less admitted a lot of people have called over this issue.
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    Good to know, I sell there service and no one has come in to my store about this, thanks for the heads up!

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  3. Easy E

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    Ill check my bill next month..thanks'
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  5. RussellJ

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    Greedy bastards.
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    I have no problem with them offering this service, but when they go and automatically add it to your service is going too far. Doesn't this come under the heading of stuffing?

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    Had they NOT taken it off my bill, I would have followed up with a complaint to the FTC or the FCC. I think they're well aware of the danger, hence being "nice" and taking it off my bill. Suggest any Verizon internet providers check their bills.
  8. Josh

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    I dropped them for this reason.
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    I see a class action lawsuit in their future :whistle: The right lawyer hasn't checked his bill yet thats all :laugh:

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