Vance and Hines with Slip-on's

Discussion in 'Gen II Busa Information' started by 04Duramax, Jun 18, 2012.

  1. 04Duramax

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    So I did some searching and could not come up with the answer I am looking for so I will just now conceed and ask. If I install a set of V&H 4-2 headders with my slip-on's will I have to tune my bike or will it run alright? Thanks for the help.
  2. E Zurcher

    E Zurcher Registered

    It will run alright will not see the horsepower gains or get smooth power unless you tune.
  3. kromdom

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    I happen to be running V&H headers with Yosh CF R-77 slip-ons. However, my bike already had a PC V on it and I am currently running a CANNED tune from Dynojet for an Akra 4-2-2 and bike runs great. I do plan to have a dyno/tune someday.
  4. 04Duramax

    04Duramax Registered

    Sweet.. thanks for the responses... when I get this done I do plan to have it tuned I just done have all of the money up front to do everything at once.. I wish I was rich lol... Thanks again!
  5. Big E

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    If you want the most from the headers and pipes. Overall a safer running motor. Get a tune!
  6. RussellJ

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    Oh man the Vance and Hines 4-3 header is sexy. Sounds amazing when paired with my dual Alien Head slip ons. You will be most happy if you get the header, that I can promise.

    But yes, get a tune. Highly recommended.
  7. RussellJ

    RussellJ Rick Rollin' Registered

    ^ I meant 4-2 :laugh:

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  8. Dozerdriver

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    A tune is only as good as the tuner... does the VH header have the bung for the stock O2 sensor? Do you like WOT? Do you want the most power you can get out of the bike or just casual riding with some play time?

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