Turbo Hayabusa billet fuel pump + filter questions.

Discussion in 'Turbo' started by insayne-kustomz, Jun 29, 2012.

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    I'm currently building a turbo Hayabusa and I've decided I'll be swapping out my fuel delivery system for some upgraded billet parts. I'm looking into maybe an Aeromotive billet in-line fuel pump and fuel filter. What are most of you guys using and where do you mount them to?

    My main question is the following: When installing a complete fuel system (fuel pump, filter, fuel rail, pressure regulator), how does the final dialing work? Does the fuel pump automatically get the proper signal to send a specific pressure of fuel?

    I've never known much about fuel systems and how they work? I just want a kit that will allow my turbo kit to grow if I ever decide to go bigger/faster. My bike is a 1999 so I know that's an important piece of info. Any links for parts, photo's, set-up diamgrams etc etc to allow me to understand how the system works from gas tank to engine and back in the tank (if that's the case) would really be appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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    Tank, filter, pump, into the rail, out of the rail, pressure regulator, return to tank. What regulator you use - whether it is a rising-rate FMU or a 1:1 regulator will depend on how many injectors you are running, how big they are, and how much boost/hp you are shooting for . . .::4
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    Very interesting... I didn't think the fuel pressure regulator was mounted after the fuel rail. I would have though before entering the injectors... I don't want to run 25+ psi of boost but maybe just a little 8psi to start using stock internals. Once I get forged internals, I'll up the boost. When you say the number of injectors, do you mean possibly running secondary injectors in the turbo charge pipe? Here in Montreal, we don't have many dyno shops which will be able to fine tune the whole set-up when time comes so for now I wanna make sure I do things right and keep it as simple as possible until I eventually have no choice to ship the bike out down south. I wished I had the knowledge and experience you hold!
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    Signal for fuel pressure.... Dude, no offence, if your asking questions like that, you shouldn't be building or riding a turbo bike. It's only gonna end in tons of money, and head aches. Buy a kit and install it, or have someone instal it for you.
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    No offence taken but I find I'll learn while building. I built a winning show bike by myself and that includes a lot of custom work. Driving a turbo bike has nothing do to with the amount of mechanical knowledge I have...
    Trial and error is the best way to learn and if it costs me money while building this kit, trust me, I'll learn even faster. I have fun figuring and researching things out for myself. Nobody in my area builds what I'm trying to build so I have no choice. :thumbsup:

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