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Discussion in 'Gen II Busa Information' started by det45, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. det45

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    I was told that the Gen 2 Hayabusas top out at 186MPH......How fast can a stock Gen 2 Busa go when the Restricter/ECM is bypassed? (Stock Busa)
  2. Commuta_Busa

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  3. Got-Busa?

    Got-Busa? Donating Member

    My experience with stock gearing and tires is 195-196ish in a perfect world.
  4. Dozerdriver

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    Is this with the mods you have or a bone stock derestricted busa ?
  5. fiend

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    Read his thread that he has a link to in his signature. He tried the first time STOCK, then started changing stuff.
  6. Dozerdriver

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    I read it a long time ago but forgot.. thanks.
  7. outlawbusa

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  8. tofas2c

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    Are talking stock as in stock exh. and all or just stock engine with bolt ons. I did most of what brock did on his bike and his did 202.3 and mine did 202.7. I did have to go down 1 tooth on the rear sense i was hitting the rev limiter at 201. I also weigh with leather about 210.:laugh:
  9. fiend

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    Sorry! After reading my post, I think my tone came across the wrong way. I was just trying to help the people that may not have seen his thread that link. It was informative for me.
  10. Got-Busa?

    Got-Busa? Donating Member

    The 182 is stock 1-mile accel only...

    Unrestricted with zero mods, the fastest I could muster was 190 GPS with my bike on a longer road fighting wind. I'm not exactly a jockey so my results could have changed with better weather (or a smaller rider). The stock gearing was only good for mid 190's bumping the limiter in 6th.

    There is no doubt in my mind that 200mph is NOT possible on a 100% stock unrestricted Gen-II bike though... ::4
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