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    Gen 1 & 2, OEM & performance stuff.

    Pics can be seen here:

    There are ~75 pics of Busa parts, I'm not linking all that shit.

    UPDATED AS OF: 07/15/2016
    General list based off the pics (there's more that I haven't dug out of the boxes too):

    - Complete Gen engine built for stage 1 turbo. Spaced base gasket, heavy duty valves/springs, billet low-pro oil pan. I'll pull the oil pan if someone wants it.
    - A couple turbo plenums (Gen 2).
    - An assortment of cases, blocks, heads, cranks, cams, throttle bodies, clutch baskets, etc.
    - OEM and billet covers.
    - Air shifter kit with two tanks.
    - Stretched swingarms (full with underbrace, stock with bolt-ons, etc.)
    - Fairings, both generations... sides, fronts, tails, cowls, humps.
    - Stretched tail, roughly 6" or so over stock (Gen 1).
    - Black mirror block off plates with "Busa" engraved on them.
    - Tanks (Gen 1 & 2)
    - Frames and subframes.
    - OEM headlights.
    - Smoked and clear tail lights (Gen 1).
    - Smoked and clear blinkers, front and rear (Gen 1 & 2).
    - HID headlight kit, should work on both generations.
    - B-King tail and cowl seat, subframe, passenger pegs, swingarm, rear hugger, and front fender.
    - Black powdercoated rearsets (Gen 1 & 2).
    - Black powdercoated wheels (Gen 2).
    - Black powdercoated passenger pegs (Gen 1).
    - Black powdercoated fuel cap (Gen 1).
    - Black powdercoated top triple plate/handlebar thingy.
    - Holley 12-890.
    - Peterson 09-0722 inline fuel filter.
    - JE 1397 pistons. They appear to be used, but not much (I'd run em, and I'm pretty picky).
    - Billet slave brace (Gen 1), the plate kind that covers the sprocket too.
    - Billet fuel rail (Gen 1).
    - Vortex aluminum 39 tooth sprocket, brand new, (Gen 2).
    - Vortex steel 42 tooth sprocket, brand new, (Gen 2).
    - OEM sprockets, used, (Gen 1 & 2).
    - Lowering links AND adjustable links, multiple sets, bare aluminum and powdercoated.
    - EBC Double-H pads (Gen 1 & 2)
    - Front brake sets with stainless lines (calipers, stainless lines, and masters) (Gen 1 & 2).
    - Rear brake sets with stainless lines (Gen 1 & 2).
    - Rotors, front and rear (Gen 1 & 2).
    - ECU's (Gen 1 & 2).
    - Wiring harnesses (Gen 1 & 2).
    - BoostBySmith 2-step RPM limiter (should work with any coil-on-plug bike).
    - TiAL F38.
    - Ohlins shock (probably keeping this one, unless I get a REALLY good offer on it).
    - APE dummy shaft (Gen 1).
    - Pirelli Diablo Superbike tires, look like they have a warm up lap on them if that, plenty of laps left on them.
    - Gauge clusters (Gen 1 & 2). One of the Gen 2's has some fancy mirrored faceplate with the kanji logo on the gauges.
    - Suzuki logo engraved axle blocks.
    - Tank plates modified for return-style external pump systems (i.e. you need this if you want a turbo). Not sure what generation, or if there's a difference between the two.
    - Radiators and oil coolers.
    - Complete triple sets (upper, lower, stem, bearings, stabilizer, top plate w/ bars, bar ends), one powdercoated black and one OEM.
    - Hays billet top triple clamp (to lower your front end farther than stock allows).

    And tons more. If you need something post up or PM me and I'll check.

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    What fairings do you have and are they Gen 1 or Gen 2?
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  4. justintime2

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    Are the black OEM powder coated rear sets Gen2?
    Is there a Gen2 billet stator cover/slider?
  5. mcantar

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    **I am currently sitting at my computer, waiting for everything to download from my phone to the computer for the first time ever because it's so full that I can't take pics with it. I will post pics as soon as it's done and I can go take some**

    Gen 1:
    Red/Silver left side.
    Red/Silver right side.
    Red/Silver nose.
    Red/Silver fender.
    Red/Silver fender (a different, smaller one... B-King or GSXR1k maybe? Same red though).
    Red/Silver hump.
    Black/Grey tail with sanding marks, clean but would need a paintjob.
    ............ The red and silver paintjob is custom, and I think the tail was just never done.

    Gen 2:
    Black/Grey left side with mesh vent covers.
    Black/Grey nose with mesh vent covers.
    Grey/Grey right side with minor (superficial) scratches on the bottom of it.
    ....... Not sure what the story is behind these.

    Grey/Grey tail with cowl.

    Right? My wife vehemently disagrees.

    I'm 99% sure the black rearsets are Gen 2, I'll double check when I get back over to the house. You want dibs on them?
    There is a black billet cover with the kanji logo engraved in it, it's currently bolted up to a Gen 1 block but I believe they would be the same across the generations. If it will fit, it's yours.
  6. justintime2

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    Post some pics and yes I'm interested in the rear sets and stator cover
  7. nosbig

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    What gen is braced swingarm and how far over stock is it?
  8. mcantar

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    Nosbig, the braced swinger is 3-9" over. As far as generation, I *think* it's for a Gen 2... that said, the only difference in swingarms is the dog link bearing size and the caliper bracket, so if you use the ones you already have on whatever generation Busa you have it will work regardless of the generation.
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    Updated the list in the original post.

    Check the link in the OP, apparently the pics are working now... I'm having a little trouble getting my album to work properly, so let me know if you can't see them and I'll send them to you directly.
  10. mcantar

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    By the way guys I'm giving you first crack at this stuff before it goes up on eBay, so if there's something you want let me know so I know not to list it.
  11. 13013

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    Interested in gen 2 brake lines. Assuming the calipers and master are stock? Either way photo bucket isn't workin properly. Can ya shoot me pix?
  12. mcantar

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    Sure thing, send me your phone number or email and I'll fire them off
  13. justintime2

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    finally got the pics to work. Interested in the black rear sets, how much? Also is the shifter drilled for an air Shifter? Please list every part the rear sets come with as its in a pic with other stuff, also the general condition of the finishes, scratches, etc.
  14. mcantar

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    Justin, how about $120? That's just based on what I'm seeing on eBay for normal un-powdercoated parts being sold from the salvage guys.
    Includes left and right brackets/heelguards with bushings, both pegs, brake lever, shift lever, shift linkage, and shift arm.
    Feel free to counteroffer or tell me you want more parts or whatever. I do have the rear master and brake light switch, an extended braided line, and rear caliper. The shift lever is drilled for the air shifter.
    Condition looks decent, a couple minor scratches that aren't really noticeable (just marks in the powdercoat, not showing through to the bare aluminum). The shift arm is bent, but I can probably dig up the beefier one that came with my Vortex rearsets if you need one.
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    How much for the Peterson filter and the Tial wastegate ? And is the wastegate a Vband gate? It's hard to tell from the picture..
  16. justintime2

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    Thanks mcantar, I'm gonna pass based on your description of their condition.
  17. HoseIRMC

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    how much for the whole gen 1 turbo engine?
    Gen 1 full set of plastics?
    Gen 1 Frame?
    Gen 1 Fuel Cap?
    2001 Fuel Tank?
    Gen 1 stock sized pistons? (with rings if you have them)
    Gen 1 Triple Tree top (piece that holds bars)
    Gen 1 bars

    Although it looks like I'm trying to build a bike through this I'm really trying to just get two bikes up lol. Just curious on prices for all these items! Motivated to go on a shopping spree!!!!
  18. mcantar

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    No worries Justin, thanks for your interest.

    Hosel, check your PMs.
  19. mcantar

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    The TiAL F38 (the one in the box) is a 2-bolt flange, and I have flanges that I made for it on my CNC plasma table that you can weld onto whatever pipes you have. The TiAL MVS (the one on the turbo kit) is a v-band.
    How does $250 sound for the filter and wastegate? The filter retails at about $75, and the wastegate goes for anywhere from $240-340 (assuming you're asking about the F38).
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    The gen2 front straps how much? Shipping 19350

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